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In a meeting with Luxembourg FM;

President underlines Iran, Luxembourg expansion of ties

In a meeting with visiting Minister of Foreign and European Affairs of Luxembourg, Jean Asselborn in Tehran on Wednesday, he said: "Iran, with its distinctive regional circumstances, and Luxembourg, as an important center for financial affairs and investments, should expand their existing mutual ties".

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Wed 25 - November 2015 - 13:30

Referring to the vast bases for the expansion of the mutual relations and cooperation, President Rouhani emphasized that Tehran and Luxembourg can take a step forward to raise the existing level of cooperation and relations by using all available capacities and capabilities".

"As Iran enjoys very distinctive circumstances such as its energy resources, transportation capabilities, and strategic and geographical location which are very different from that of other regional countries, and Luxembourg as an active member of European Union and an important centre for financial and investment affairs, the two countries can get together to start a brilliant cooperation to expand their existing ties to a more acceptable level", he added.

Mentioning the EU’s role in Iran's nuclear program and JCPOA, Dr Rouhani said: "Some new opportunities emerged especially after the JCPOA for Iran to reinforce its ties with EU and other countries".

"Although terrorism in the region is apparently a security issue, but it stems from the culture, politics, and social atmosphere of the region, hence, regarding the strategies and tactics of tackling the regional terrorism, we must consider both economic issues, and the socio-cultural situation of the region, too", Rouhani stated.

Speaking about some countries' notion and speculations to make use of some terrorist groups to accelerate their move toward their regional goals, he reiterated that terrorism is very dangerous and is not safe for any country to instigate it in the region, because in the long run, the dangers will finally come back to themselves as well.

Jean Asselborn, on his part, expressed his country’s willingness to expand ties with Iran and said: "There are still many bases and opportunities for both sides to further expand the existing level of mutual cooperation".

He also expressed EU's satisfaction over the negotiation process between Iran and G5+1 which led to JCPOA and stressed on the necessity of a rapid action to implement JCPOA and lift the remaining sanctions against Iran.

Luxembourg FM described the terrorist ISIS group as a real enemy of international communities and said: "Therefore, it is the duty of all countries to fight against it".

news id: 90683

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