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In a press conference;

President: Iran owns the largest oil reserves in the world

President Rouhani described the Third GECF Summit as being of chief importance and said: “The government is trying to boost natural gas production to 1bn CBM compared to current 600m.

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Mon 23 - November 2015 - 21:54

“This Summit is of chief importance and it is the first international summit in Tehran after the JCPOA” said President Rouhani late on Monday in a press conference following the 3rd GECF Summit in Tehran.

Thanking the participants to the Summit, President continued: “Heads of 9 states’ participation shows that all countries are seeking establishment of more communication with the region and the whole world, especially Iran”.

He continued: “12 member states and 6 observer states participated in this Summit and it was decided that the Republic of Azerbaijan be added to the observer states”, adding: “It was also agreed that the next summit be held in Bolivia”

Stating that natural gas is of chief significance because it is a clean fuel, President said: “Today, fossil fuels have caused issues for the environment and 2015 can be named as “the Year of Environment” because of a summit held on the side lines of UN General Assembly this year and another one to be held in Paris”.

“Today, the whole world note that development should be sustainable and if the development process does not accord with saving the environment, it cannot continue to be sustainable” added Rouhani.

 He continued: “To reach renewable energies, we have a long way ahead of us and using the gas industry can act as a bridge for this path”.

President also revealed Iran’s plan to export gas to Asia, Europe, and neighbouring countries and said: “We are determined to gain momentum in gas production and by saving up gas, increase gas export”.

Dr Rouhani added: “The Islamic Republic of Iran will take significant steps in gas production and export in the coming year and this will be beneficial to all nations and humanity’s health, as well as saving the environment”.

President continued: “In today’s Summit, the main focus was on strengthening collaboration and coordination between the countries in areas such as consumer market and the needed technology”.

Stressing the significance of GECF Summit, Rouhani added: “Virtually 70 percent of world’s gas reserves belong to the member states of the Summit and these countries can have effects on important international issues, especially on energy-related issues”.

“The presence of 9 heads of member states in Tehran Summit shows that these collaborations should continue and develop” said Rouhani, adding that Iran will continue along this path for fostering cooperation with gas-producing countries.

news id: 90602

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