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In a meeting with the Belgian FM;

President: Taking big steps for developing Tehran-Brussels ties necessary

Taking big steps for developing ties between Iran and Belgium is a necessary, said President Rouhani in a meeting with the Belgian Foreign Minister Didier Reynders in Tehran.

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Mon 09 - November 2015 - 13:33

In this meeting which was held on Monday, President Rouhani said that there is no obstacle in the way of developing ties between the two countries.

President continued: “Tehran and Brussels have got a lot of potentials to cement ties and cooperation and these potentials should be used more than before in doing so”.

He further mentioned the historic ties between Iran and Belgium and said: “Ties between the two countries has always been amicable and constructive and the public opinion in Iran is positive towards expanding cooperation with Belgium”.

On making new developments in mutual ties between the two countries in areas such as economy, investment, industry, and energy President said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran can be a centre for organizing and expanding economic ties for Belgium and the EU with the whole region and using this opportunity in the right time will be beneficial to our nations”.

Speaking about cooperation between the private sectors of both countries, Rouhani also said that Tehran is ready to provide the necessary groundwork in doing so.

“The Islamic Republic of Iran will stick to its commitments provided that the other side does so and, without a doubt, if this deal is implemented properly and exactly, it can act as a solid foundation for mutual trust” added Rouhani, speaking about the nuclear deal with 5+1.

Stressing on the need to collective fight against terrorism and violence in the region, Dr Rouhani continued: “Today, violence and extremism has engulfed the Middle East and if it is not treated seriously, its effects will not be confined to this region and will spread to other parts of the world”.

President Rouhani also described Iran-EU ties in fighting with terrorism as being important and said that Iran has done its part in fight against this phenomenon.

Reynders, who is also the Deputy Prime Minister of Belgium, stressed on his country’s willingness to maintain and cement ties with Iran and expressed hope that with the lift of sanctions, Tehran-Brussels ties develop further.

He continued: “Belgium seeks to develop ties with Iran in all areas, especially in energy and economy” adding that: “Brussels is ready to cooperate with Tehran in nuclear medicine”.

Confirming that his country is fully aware of the need to fight against terrorism, Reynders added: “Belgium is fully aware of the terrorism risk and we stress on the need to fight with it collectively”.

“Belgium also calls for a political solution to the terrorist issues of countries including Syria, Yemen, Iraq, and Libya” continued the Belgian FM, underlining WAVE proposal by President Rouhani.

At the end of this meeting, Reynders  added: “Belgian companies being present in Iran is indicator of the willingness to expand cooperation with the Iranian companies and their readiness to transfer technology and invest in this country”.

news id: 90440

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