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In a cabinet meeting;

President announces government's financial aids to flood-stricken Lorestan and Ilam

President Rouhani chaired a cabinet meeting on Sunday in which the latest progress status of the government's 6th Development Plan was reviewed and approved the government's financial aids for reconstructing Lorestan and Ilam provinces which were flood-stricken, as well as allocating recompense to the people.

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Mon 09 - November 2015 - 09:26

The meeting resulted in allocating a special credit for reconstructing and repairing housing units in urban and rural areas, buying housing appliances, watershed management practices, rebuilding roads and technical buildings, restructuring and reorganization of the urban watercourses, for the reconstruction and restoration of buildings and agricultural facilities and for the logistic support to the two provinces.

Following the meeting, the Organization of Management and Planning presented its report on the latest progress of the government's '6th Development Plan' to the Council of Ministers.

The report included issues such as measures taken by the organization after the notification of the general policies of the 6th Development Plan, the main differences between in the new plan and former development programs, the organization's new approaches to development plans, the development of programs and models used in the formulation of the bill and the preparation of documents and program components and step by step activities for the preparation of the 6th Development Plan.

The Council of Ministers approved an executive bylaw to manage the comprehensive services to veterans, general education for the family members of the martyrs and providing them with suitable elementary and high education services. 

The cabinet also adopted a strategic program to promote the administrative system of health and anti-corruption, integrity in the border market exchanges and in special economic zones, launching new specialized docks to deal with corruption and prevent illegal trafficking of goods in border areas.

news id: 90427

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