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While visiting family of Martyr Aghajanlou;

President underlies protection and the continuation of the way of Martyrs

President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with the family members of the great martyred brothers "Majid, Amir and Habib Aghajanlou" Wednesday afternoon underlined the glorification of the martyrs and protection and continuation of their way of life struggle.

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Sat 07 - November 2015 - 09:58

While at the same time visiting their sick mother at home, he described the great tasks done by the martyrs as vital and said: Martyrs passed successfully a divine test just to teach the Iranian great nation some lessons of devotion and resistance.

The respected sick mother of great Aghajanlou on her part recalled some good memories of the martyrs as reminiscence of their excellent conducts to be learned by great nation of Iran.

At the meeting in which, Dr. Nahavandian, the Chief of the staff of the President, Hussein Fereydoun, President's Special Aid, and Hoj. Shahidi, Chief of the  Foundation of Martyrs and Veterans Affairs, presented a plaque of appreciation to the great Aghajanlous.

news id: 90392

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