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In the session of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution;

President: 13th of Aban, birthplace of independence, fighting imperialism

13th of Aban was the birthplace of independence and fighting imperialism for the country, said President Rouhani in the session of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

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Wed 04 - November 2015 - 09:16

In this session which was held late on Tuesday, President continued: “13th of Aban was a forming factor of a chain of events which helped the Islamic Revolution to succeed.”

He described Imam Khomeini’s exile on 13 Aban, 1343 (4 November, 1964) as the first event, and the killing of a large number of youths on 13 Aban, 1357 (4 November, 1978) by the former authoritarian regime as the second event marking people’s movement.

“Students played a decisive role in the course of developments and maintaining the achievements of the Islamic Revolution, especially the Sacred Defence” added Rouhani.

Dr Rouhani also threw weight behind Imam Khomeini’s naming the taking over of the American embassy in Tehran ‘the Second Revolution’ and continued: “People rose against authoritarianism with integration, and in the Second Revolution they expressed their feelings of fighting imperialism”.

He added: “Today, the message of the Iranian nation is that with resistance and solidarity, national consciousness, and leadership of an informed leader guarantees protecting the Islamic Republic and the achievements of the Revolution”.

On social issues as one of the most important concerns of the Council, President said that it is necessary for the Council to become more active in the area of policy-making for controlling and managing these issues, requiring the Social Council of the Ministry of Interior to closely interact with the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution.

The Council also decided on introducing two new special days in the calendar to be named ‘Population Day’ and ‘the Day of Disclosure of American Human Rights’.

news id: 90354

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