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President in a mourning ceremony for Imam Hussein (PBUH):

President Rouhani: National interest is above any party or factional interest

Outlining the great teachings of Ashura and Imam Hussein (PBUH)'s movement, he said:"While facing problems, we should not forget national interest and while successfully removing the problems ahead we should feel we are passing a divine test".

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Wed 21 - October 2015 - 20:43

President in a mourning ceremony for Imam Hussein (PBUH) and his noble loyal family and companions in Salman Farsi Mosque here on Wednesday indicated on the removal of sanctions which viciously shade over the nation and said:"Considering overcoming the nuclear challenges as a divine test, everybody can utter his own viewpoints, but should not forget national interests, as well".

"Iranians have bravely passed several tests after the Islamic revolution such as overcoming nuclear challenges without bowing to superpowers and  resistance during 8-years war and the recent nuclear program issue, so, we all should realize that it is not time to sacrifice national interests for party or factional interests", Rouhani added.

President said:"As Iranian nation resisted all the hardships and problems and sent the most competent negotiators to the scene to solve problems, it shows that it is not scared of any difficulty when being subject to such a divine test".

"Everybody nowadays well notice that the nation could bravely pass behind all anti-Iran resolutions of the UN Security Council, the economic, financial and banking sanctions, because it felt it a big test and sent its envoys in the test who acted in such a way that they not only have not give any tramp card, but also gained what they were entitled to and demanded", Rouhani said.

news id: 90168

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