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President in the session of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution:

Rouhani underlines Iran's contribution to the world scientific and technological competitions

He stressed on paying further attention to modern technologies such as nanotechnology and described them as vital for the future of country and said that government still supports the technologies and a science-based economy.

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Wed 21 - October 2015 - 10:10

President Hassan Rouhani in a session of Supreme Council of Cultural Revolution here on Sunday afternoon appreciated the efforts done in the field of nanotechnology in Iran and reiterated that government's first priority still is to focus on the competitive presence of Iranian scientists in the world scientific and technological arenas, because it is vital to accelerate in the fields.

In the session, the agenda of which was "Iran's 10- years nano science and technology development program", he expressed satisfaction with the level of the progress in the field and described it as one of the first priority program for the development of the country.

Dr. Rouhani indicated on the delegation of such activities to the private sector but through coordination with the National Committee of Nano-technology and also indicated on the expansion of international ties and cooperation in the field to go ahead with the progress based on the international standards.

The National Committee of Nano-technology at the end of the session presented a report on its past and future activities and programs in the field, a summary of which is as follows:

Industrial and market development of nanotechnology

• Production of 321 nano-products in the country

• 154 nano-based companies' investment and activities in the eight production industries over the country

• The sale of more than 1,500 billion Rials of nanotechnology products in 1393

The use of nano-technology to improve the public life quality

• Activities of 35 nanometer manufacturing companies in the field of health

• Removal of contaminants (such as arsenic, nitrates,  ...) of drinking water and industrial waste water treatment

• Production of nano-anti-cancer drugs in the country

• Manufacturing of a nano-fibers respiratory mask, capable of absorbing harmful particles in the nanometer scale

Production of science and innovation in nanotechnology

• Reaching to seventh ranking in the production of international nanotechnology publications in 2014

• Registering of 153 nanotechnology patent in the International patent offices in America and Europe

• Conducting and compiling of more than 2,800 doctoral dissertations and more than 13 thousands master's theses in the field of nanotechnology

Developing Nano-technology human resources

• Doing more than 26 thousands researches in nanotechnology

• Establishing of postgraduate courses in 45 universities and doctoral programs in 23 universities across the country

Promotion of public awareness

• Training of Nano-technology to 464 thousand students and trainers across the country in collaboration with more than 200 advocacy organizations

• Set up laboratories for Iranian students in 49 research centers over the country

International approach

• Participating in most international forums which make decisions about nanotechnology

• The presence of Iranian companies in the international exhibitions of nanotechnology in the world

news id: 90135

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