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President in a cabinet meeting:

Rouhani: Sport is an effective factor for the promotion socio-political life

Underlying on sport as a vital element for the well-being, rejoice and health situation of the society, President Hassan Rouhani described it also as an effective factor for the exultation of socio-political life of the society.

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Mon 19 - October 2015 - 09:45

He, in a cabinet meeting on Sunday afternoon which was mainly allocated to youth and sport, meanwhile underscored sport championships as a means for promotion of youth morale, inspiring a sense of national pride and self-respect, development of sport diplomacy and said: "Women's sport can also create well-being and delight in this section of the society, hence as it holds a special vitality for Iranian society, all the existing limitations and barriers of this section such as lack of facilities and training must gradually be removed".

Regarding the next year Olympic championships, he said:"National athletes must acquire the necessary preparations for the event in order to elevate the country's position in the world of sport".

Describing Iranian women's contribution in sport section and their presence in international scenes as vital and very effective esp. while they observes the Islamic cultural and religious ethics, and he said: "This way of  women's active contributions in national sports can also nullify parts of enemies' negative propaganda against Iran".

Dr. Rouhani appreciated the Ministry of Sport and Youth for its professional achievements and said that government must recompense old deficiencies and mustiness of  the section.

"As far as the future of Iran depends on the youth situation, therefore all efforts must be done to plan and train the talents and merits of this section of the society and go ahead with the ongoing programs with regard to the different needs of the new young generation, as well," President added.

The session continued with the reviewing of the governments' draft bill for the adjustment and standardizing of some decrees and regulations for the country's development programs and finally approved some part of the bill.

The session also covered some other issues such as: organizing a comprehensive data base for youth, establishing some national portals of  youth related recreation and entertainment industry, a marriage consultation center, relevant non-governmental organizations for the well management of the one million Iranian youths as national wealth, and further activating them in international arenas.

news id: 90109

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