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In a meeting with the Lebanese Foreign Minister:

President underlines Tehran's decision to continue for the regional stability and security

President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with the Lebanese Foreign Minister described foreign interference in the regional states' domestic affairs; Zionist regimes' crimes and violence; and radicalism and terrorism as the three main issues in the Middle East and said: "I.R. Iran is decisive to go ahead with further efforts for the regional stability and security, esp. in in the post-Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action atmosphere.

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Sun 18 - October 2015 - 20:37

Noting that Lebanon has always been at the forefront of resistance and persistence in face of Zionist invasions and oppressions and has also been a main factor of regional stability, he said In this meeting with the visiting Lebanese Foreign Minister Gebran Gerge Bassil here on Sunday afternoon in Tehran: "Lebanese diverse ethnic and religious groups has always been able to maintain their unity despite diversified plots."

President called for the solidarity, integrity, unity and territorial integrity of Lebanon, and described the state-nation was a model for the coexistence of peoples and religions, and insisted on the protection and preservation of the very privilege.

Dr. Rouhani called for further unity and solidarity of the regional countries to tackle the problems and added that Zionist regime's new movements from one side and the terrorism from other side have brought about many problems in the region.

He expressed hope to see more security, stability, national unity and finally development in the friendly and brotherly country of Lebanon.

He said:"All regional countries are nowadays affected with the three challenges of the illegal Zionist regime as the source of many regional crisis, such as foreign countries' interference in the domestic affairs of the regional vulnerable countries and violence and terrorism, while the gaps among the countries are regretfully make the crisis worse, therefore we all must stand against the problems and sent a clear message to the enemies of the regional nations.

He underlined on the fighting against the tangible regional Terrorism through unity and solidarity among all the nations of the region and said reiterated that there is no way for all regional and any strong countries which wishes to combat terrorism except to start a strong cooperation and contribution in this regard.

Noting Iran has always announced loudly its stance on the different regional issues to the world", Rouhani said:"As Iran's first priority has always been to support those vanguard countries which combat Zionism and terrorism, therefore it will always stand by the Lebanese state, nation, army and the resistance groups in this regard".

He referred to the further interaction between Iranian and Lebanese officials to start a joint cooperation to tackle the regional issues, and said: "We believe Lebanese people does not need others' prescriptions and are able to well solve their problem with their own strategies".

Lebanese Foreign Minister in his part expressed satisfaction with the meeting and also expressed condolences to Dr. Rouhani on the sad and tragic demise of a group of Iranian pilgrims in Mena accident and hailed Iran for its ever resistance against Zionism.

Gebran Gerge Bassil praised Iran for its permanently siding with Lebanon in campaign against the Zionist regime and terrorism and said that as Iran started a new positive role at international arena by studying a bigger danger as terrorism it can also be the ensign guidance for democracy in the region.

'We believe Iran nuclear accord will reap blessing for the region because the development allows us to use the logic of dialogue instead of others' isolation and overcome it, said the Lebanese Foreign Minister.

news id: 90104

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