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President in a meeting with visiting Japanese Foreign Minister:

Time is ripe for the development of Tehran-Tokyo relations/The new move in the two countries' ties and cooperation benefits both nations and the region

President Hassan Rouhani described the relations between Iran and Japan as friendly and historical and said: "As the two countries new political wills entails, I hope the relations between the two big countries of Iran and Japan would get closer and to its right status as it was in the past in various sectors".

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Tue 13 - October 2015 - 21:21

In a meeting here on Tuesday with visiting Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida, in Tehran, he said: "Today we are facing a perfect conditions for the development of mutual relations between Tehran and Tokyo, therefore we have to compensate the past shortcomings as soon as possible".

Referring to the traffic of the Western companies to Iran, esp. in recent months, Rouhani pointed out that: "As Japan still keeps a favorable position among the Iranian public opinions, so this can serve as a very suitable ground for competitive presence and activities of Japanese companies in various sectors in Iran".

President said: "Investment and cooperation in the fields of energy, environment protection, transportation, ports, dam construction, science, culture and research are among grounds essential to promotion of mutual cooperation".

"Regarding the existing capacities and new conditions, new move should be launched in mutual relations and cooperation to move forward for the benefit of both nations and the region," he reiterated.

Dr. Rouhani said: "The two countries can share a joint investment in various fields such as car manufacturing joint venture for the entire region, including Central Asia and the Caucasus and other neighboring countries".

Rouhani also referred to the regional developments, underlined on the need for establishment of lasting peace and stability and added: "I believe problems of other countries should be resolved through diplomatic channels, dialogue and consultation."

Japanese foreign Minister Fomiyo Kishida pointed to the Japanese private and industrial companies' representatives accompanying him in the trip and on his part said that Japan is decisive to have an all-out cooperation with Iran esp. in the economic field.

He expressed Tokyo's satisfaction and happiness with the nuclear agreement between Iran and the G5+1 and said: "Japan hopes to benefit from the existing opportunity to upgrade its cooperation and relations with Iran in all economic, political and cultural domains".

Noting that Iran is in the center of a vast market sources, he said: "We hope to have an active presence in the country through mutual cooperation".

Kishida also pointed to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's decision to visit Iran in future and said: "In the visit, Japan is seeking to develop a more suitable and practical context to further expand cooperation".

news id: 89984

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