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President in a meeting with clerics, veterans, and elites of Mazandaran province:

It is necessary to attract investments and the private sector for improvement of tourism

President Rouhani referred to the huge potentialities and capacities available in Mazandaran and emphasized on the importance of planning for the protection of the investments and attracting further investments and new technologies to improve and expand the productivity in the province.

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Mon 12 - October 2015 - 20:39

In a meeting with clerics, veterans and elites on Monday in Sari, capital of Mazandaran, he said: Mazandaran enjoys many potentialities and capacities, but despite some problems, we have to protect the divine blessings such as the good climate, the forests and sea (Caspian Sea).
"As far as the forests and meadows of the national wealth, if the current trend of deforestation continues, we will have problems in the future", President added.
Noting that "climatic condition is co-related to the protection of the divine blessings", Dr. Rouhani reiterated that as the sea belongs to all people, we need to do planning for the protection of the sea and the environment and the cultural health of the society.
Rouhani described development of tourism as a source of employment for the youth and noted that tourism is essential to attract investment and the private sectors, therefore, as far as the province still enjoys some climate, environmental, cultural, artistic attractions and appeal, we have to use the potentialities to promote tourism in the province.
President stressed on the vital role of experts, economists and academics to develop and improve the situation in the country and said that the only way to develop and solve problems is to attract investment and to facilitate private sector and non-governmental activities, to create the necessary opportunity, spaces and facilities in this regard in order to persuade the province's investors to operate within their own province.
Outlining various projects in different parts of the agriculture and fisheries to improve the sectors, Rouhani said: "We have to trust people in their economic activities and investment and create a safe environment for them to make them feel a sense of security for the different economic sectors".
Underscoring that JCPOA was primarily to nullify the sanctions and to create an atmosphere for the nation to interact with the world and make a scientific and economic jump, Dr Rouhani said: "We have to protect the environment, attract investments and new technologies to increase the productivity in the country".
Among others, he also referred to Iran's nuclear talks with G5+1 and said: "We continued the talks to remove the wrong and illegal sanctions, to open a corridor to the world, to attract technology and investments."
He said: "Fortunately, today we are well witnessing an excellent unity among the nation esp. a well coordination among our forces, and the Supreme Leader is also supporting the cabinet and the government in all fields" and added: "We have to continue the unity and harmony and to use our own intellectual power and capacities to create a living and prosperous Iran".

news id: 89953

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