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President amongst the big crowd of Mazandaran people:

I will not be pleased with people’s required goods be imported at a high cost due to sanctions

President Rouhani told the crowd of Mazandaran people that the government will provide a package by the end of the week, in which there will be a major momentum in the country’s economy during the next six months.

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Mon 12 - October 2015 - 15:05

President Rouhani in his speech said: “Victory in the Revolution, the Sacred Defence, and the nuclear deal was the result of following the culture of Muharram and Ashura”. He also continued: “Today, the JCPOA should act as a means to people’s unity and a platform for the economic boom of our young population. By the lift of sanction in the coming months, we will show that the Iranian people are the winner”.

Speaking about the post-JCPOA era, President said that the nation needs more unity and solidarity. He also said: “We all share the same aim and path and as we defended our rights in the Sacred Defence era, we did it again with the language of diplomacy and reason before the world powers; and the people of Iran could reach a proud deal with the world powers and the UN”.

Thanking the Majlis for ratifying the generalities of JCPOA based on people’s demand and said: “JCPOA should be a platform for unity, economic vitality, and job creation”.

“We need more solidarity in the post-nuclear-deal era” said Rouhani, adding: “Criticisms are respected but the majority’s vote should be respected based on the constitution”.

Saying “I will not be pleased with people’s required goods be imported at a high cost due to sanctions” Dr Rouhani said: “The basis of our work in the negotiations was the welfare of the Iranian nation, their interests, and prosperity of our country”.

The President also appreciated the Supreme Leader for his support from the beginning of the negotiations up to the present and added: “The government will need Supreme Leader’s support for achieving its long-term goals”.

The President continued with JCPOA and its potential function for economic boom of the country, and added: “God willing, by sanctions being lifted in the coming months we will show that Iranian people has been the winner of the negotiations. We are always proud of our nation for being firm against the problems and sanctions”.
He continued: “We could remain calm in the hard times of sanctions and the government could keep to its path with the help of people. The government is going to present a package by the end of the week, implementing of which will dramatically change the economic situation of the country even though the sanctions are still there”.
Dr Rouhani also said that the government and the nation powerfully defended its rights by negotiation and added: “Basically, lift of sanctions will not hold back anyone’s business”.
“The government has considered 45 major plans for Mazandaran worth $330 million” said Rouhani, adding that most of the plans will be finished until the end of next Iranian year.
He also continued: “The motorway from Tehran to the north will be put into operation in 2017, worth about $400”.
Dr Rouhani added: “$101 million has been allocated for road construction and $70 million for the management of water resources in the province”.

news id: 89938

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