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In a meeting with the Polish Senate Speaker;

President: Iran-Europe ties developing/Terrorist groups a consequence of foreign intervention, occupation

President Hassan Rouhani met with the Speaker of Polish Senate on Saturday, saying: “Iran and Poland can define mutual interests, review new capacities for cooperation, and use them to the benefit of the two countries”.

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Sat 10 - October 2015 - 15:45

The President, in a meeting with Bogdan Borusewicz, said that Iran sees no obstacle on the way to develop ties and cooperation with Poland. He continued: “The available opportunity for the two countries can be used for a quantum leap in developing comprehensive ties”.

He continued: “To develop ties after sanctions being lifted, the first step is to consolidate the economic and trade cooperation that companies had in the past”.

Dr Rouhani also said: “There are good capacities in different areas such as agriculture, industry, and technology in Iran and Poland and they can be used to the benefit of the two nations. Of course, the interaction is not limited to economic ties, it should entail cultural and parliamentary cooperation”.

“Iran-EU ties will be developing in the future and Poland can play the important role of Iran’s friend in the EU in expanding ties” added Rouhani, saying: “Iran and Poland can cooperate in solving regional and global issues; we hope that the issues in the two regions be resolved diplomatically, resulting in a win-win situation”.

On the issues the neighbours of Iran in the ME are facing, Dr Rouhani said: “Occupation and foreign intervention in the region have had very destructive effects, one of them being terrorist groups becoming active. Everyone should confront this global crisis and find a solution to it”.

Saying that if some countries do not help terrorist groups, some issues in the region will be solved, he said: “We should stop terrorist groups from being funded economically and provided arms”.

“We are ready to negotiate with the EU and its member countries, including Poland, to solve the regional issues and crises” added Rouhani.

In this meeting, Borusewicz said that Poland has always had a positive view towards Iran. He said: “The Islamic Republic of Iran is an important factor for stability in the region”.

Borusewicz also described 5+1 negotiations with Iran as positive and expressed willingness over fostering economic and political ties with Iran and said: “We believe that the next step in regional and trans-regional cooperation should be fighting with terrorism”.

On the refugee issues faced by EU member countries, he said: “Iran’s nuclear deal has created a new environment for negotiation and building trust and we can use that to negotiate and agree on other regional and global issues”.

news id: 89892

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