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In the International Forum of Industry and Trade;

President Rouhani: The path of Iran is sustainable growth, job-creation, and development

Dr Rouhani, among other things, described the path of the government as being towards strengthening the private sector and providing a healthy competition I the economy and said: “The future path of the Islamic Iran is the path of economic growth, non-oil export, attracting domestic and foreign capital, and creating jobs for the educated”.

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Sat 10 - October 2015 - 11:37

President Rouhani, who was speaking in "The First International Forum on Iran’s Industrial and Trade Policies" inaugurated ‎here on Saturday morning, said: “The package of new policies for supporting production and making economic growth in the second six-year period of the year has been finalized and this can make a good momentum in the path to economic growth. The details of this package will be soon declared to people by the ministers”.

He also added: “If the private sector enjoys required support, if the obstacles are removed, and if there is a competitive atmosphere, we can undoubtedly surmount the obstacles”.

Stressing the importance of an international atmosphere for economic movements, Rouhani said: “An economy which does not consider import and export important and is introspective and does not pay attention to the outside, cannot have a quantum leap forward”.

Assuring the producers about the support from the side of the legislative, executive, and judicial branches and the Supreme Leader, Dr Rouhani said: “The overall economic policy, which was notified in the Resistive Economy, means that all of the inward and outward, with support from the manufacturer”.

“Today, the country needs a new stimulus for foreign trade, growing non-oil export, and job creation and now we have a very suitable opportunity” added Rouhani, saying: “We needed to pull down the walls of sanctions which was a hurdle in front of our economic activists and, thus, provide a healthy atmosphere in the region and the world”.

The President also said: “The world should know that we are ready to invite and host all foreign entrepreneurs to take part in our country’s economy in the current economic situation”.

The President also described JCPOA as an important raising phase in Iranian foreign policy and in the history of world diplomacy.

He said: "As for Iran, the creation of a new space in region and in the world has been vital, thus, Iranian negotiators sought to create the space in their talks with G5+1 and they did it, indeed.

Pointing that "For the first time in the course of the nuclear talks, the foreign policy negotiating table proved that the power of logic can well win over the threat and pressure", Dr Rouhani said: "But, one of the major US foreign policy failures is to turn a national and international issue to a party debate and fight".

news id: 89883

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