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President in the Conference of National Village Day:

We will pull down all wrong walls of sanctions

President Hassan Rouhani in the Conference of National Village Day on Monday said: “We will pull down all wrong walls of sanctions. Our national achievements are not limited to a special group”.

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Mon 05 - October 2015 - 11:06

Delivering a speech in this conference, President Rouhani said: “If the government can pursue its plans with people’s help, villages can become the centre of hope, production, and sustainable development and that is because sustainable development will be achieved when villages are in that path”.
Noting the Mina tragedy, the President condoled the families of the victims again and reported that Iran is the first country to repatriate the bodies of the victims from Mina and that the government will continue its efforts on this matter.
“Pilgrims losing their lives in Mina was a very heart-rending incident which happened because of the incompetence and lack of planning, and it should be looked into” continued Rouhani.
“About 30 years ago when I went to Hajj pilgrimage, there was a lot of monitoring such as helicopters flying above the pilgrims to control their movements. But today, with all these cameras and monitoring equipment, the incident is definitely because of imprudence. What is more important than the actual happening of this tragedy, is continuation of the situation for long hours” added the President.
He also praised Iranian people’s welcoming of the bodies of the victims and said: “This nation showed that it is an integrated and united nation and we are proud of being Iranians and loving Prophet Mohammad and his Ahl al-Bayt”.
Every achievement of the government is due to people’s presence, attendance, hope, cooperation, and activities, said Rouhani adding: “Today, all leaders and people of the world, except the president of a hated, occupying regime, view this deal as a great achievement and know that they should be proud of it”.
All over the history you cannot find a case in which a developing country sits with 5 permanent members of the Security Council and after two years of discussion reaches a deal which nobody in the world can deny it being a great achievement and honour, said the President.
President Rouhani added: “Those who are trying to question the great achievements of the people of Iran, to whose interests are they trying to work?”
“God willing, we will pull down all wrong walls of sanctions in the coming months, and we will create a more stable and peaceful environment which will encourage economic activists, producers, and investors” continued the President.
Speaking about the villages being the axis of the country’s culture, Rouhani also said: “Public services should be upgraded in the villages as they do in the cities; science, health, and employment should not [only] be the commodity of cities”.
On the upcoming elections on February, President said that villagers will vote for candidates who are the best choice to serve the people and the country and the Iranian nation will create another point in history.
“In the government’s view, there is no difference between parties; what matters is the most competent and the most powerful people being elected” added Rouhani.

news id: 89822

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