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President Rouhani in the UN General Assembly:

Thousands of Iranian pilgrims became victims of Saudi mismanagement/World should form a “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” and a “United Front Against Extremism and Violence” /Today, a new chapter has opened in Iran-World relations

Addressing the 70th UN General Assembly on Monday, President Hassan Rouhani said that thousands of pilgrims were victims of the Saudi officials’ incompetence and mismanagement, and even due to the lack of accountability of the officials, we have been unable to identify the missing persons and swiftly repatriate the bodies of the dead to their mourning families.

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Mon 28 - September 2015 - 21:23

President Rouhani also said: “The dimension of the catastrophe of death of injury of thousands of innocent people from throughout the world is beyond that of a natural disaster or a local issue to be dealt with.

He also said that the feelings of millions of Muslims being hurt is a larger damage that it could be measured physically. He continued: “Public opinion demands that Saudi authorities promptly fulfil their international responsibility in providing immediate consular access for rapid identification and repatriation of the dead bodies”.

Rouhani continued: “It is necessary for the Saudi government to provide the needed circumstances for independent and deep investigation into the causes of this calamity and how to prevent such incidents from happening again in the future”.

On the issue of terrorism in the region, President also said: “If the US military action against Iraq and Afghanistan had not happened, and if the US had not supported the anti-human measures of the Zionist regime against the people of Palestine, today the terrorists would not have an excuse to justify their crimes”.

Dr Rouhani also said: “It is necessary that the US, instead of deviating the facts in the region and raising allegations against others and fanning up extremism and violence in the region, put an end to it and be matched with the aspirations demands of the people”.

On fighting violence in the world, the President urged all countries, and more specifically the countries of the region, to formulate a “Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action” in fighting ignorance, dictatorship, poverty, corruption, terrorism, and violence, and confront its political, social, cultural, economic, and security effects. He also invited the countries of the world to form a “United Front Against Extremism and Violence”.

Speaking on this Front, Rouhani said that it should a form a collective and global movement to seriously solve the issues in the region; to prevent the killing of innocent people and the bombing of civilians and violence and murder from being promoted; to provide security by supporting central established regimes; and, after securing peace and stability, to establish democracy and democratic governments in the Middle East.

news id: 89710

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