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President meets with the Italian Prime Minister;

President Rouhani: A new chapter should be opened in Tehran-Rome relations/Renzi: Biggest economic and trade delegation to head Tehran

President Hassan Rouhani sat down with the Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi late on Sunday and talked about the unjust sanctions in the past and said that in the post-sanctions era new chapters should be opened in the relations between Iran and the EU, especially Italy.

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Sun 27 - September 2015 - 22:29

President Rouhani said: “We should speed up compensating for the setbacks and take practical steps to strengthen cooperation”.

On the vast opportunities in different sectors such as oil and gas, petrochemical, transport, and industries and mining, Rouhani said that Iran welcomes Italian companies’ investment and transfer technology.

He also described cultural, scientific, and academic cooperation as being necessary for Tehran-Rome relations.

Speaking about issues of the Middle East, Rouhani added: “There should be no doubt that the bad conditions of the region will spread to the Mediterranean. Consultation and cooperation between Iran and Italy can help to reduce tensions in the Middle East”.

In this meeting, Renzi said that his country is set to send a big and important delegation in the sectors of industry, environment, automobile manufacturing, oil and gas, medical equipment, and mining to Tehran.

He said: “I will emphasize that the Italian companies focus on the work with the help of Iranian companies and design joint activities in the global market”.

Looking forward to Dr Rouhani’s visit to Italy, Renzi added: “Iran and Italy are the treasures of humanity and we ought to use civilization infrastructure to build a better future”.

“We are seeking to focus more on the issues of the region and the Mediterranean by cooperating with Iran” continued Renzi.

The Italian Prime Minister also condoled President Rouhani over the Mina stampede incident.

news id: 89637

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