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President meets with the Iranian intellectual elite and entrepreneurs residing in the US;

President: Today, everyone considers Iran the centre of stability in the region

President Hassan Rouhani in a late Saturday meeting with Iranian entrepreneurs, the intellectual elite, and investors residing in the US referred to the talents and good potentials in post-sanction Iran for investment and said: “Iranian entrepreneurs and investors have priority to be present in the economy”.

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Sat 26 - September 2015 - 23:52

In this meeting, Rouhani said: “Today, good opportunities are available for economic, scientific, and industrial mobility and we should make the best use of them for the country’s progress”.

“We should use all the opportunities and potentials in our path to economic boom, and Iranians living abroad are a great asset in this way” added Rouhani, saying: “We have tried to make a balance between exporting non-oil products and importing goods to the point that our non-oil products’ export boosted by 19 per cent in the previous year”.

President also said: “one of the reasons why we succeeded in the negotiations was that the other side of the table understood that the Iranian nation are able to bring order out of sanctions”.

Speaking on the reasons for success in the negotiations, Rouhani said that one of these reasons was that the Iranian people were integrated from the inside, on the same path as the government.

“Iran is known as an anti-terrorism state and all other countries admit that if Iran did not support the governments of the region, we could have witnessed more dangerous situations in the region” added Rouhani.

He also continued: “The nuclear deal will be continued and sanctions will not return because based on the way we acted, sanctions cannot affect the Iranian people’s resolve”.

Speaking about the opportunities as a central market in the region, the President said: “Iran has got educated young population and effective human resources that can excel in many areas”. He also continued: “Today, major foreign and European countries are seeking to secure contracts with Iran”.

“We are attempting to revise the regulations and make it easier for Iranian investors residing abroad to come to Iran, and that is a priority” said Rouhani.

Mentioning the need to clear the way for the private sector, President Rouhani said: “Today, a good atmosphere has been established in the sectors of energy, industries, and transportation and the situation is ready for the technology to come in”.

Noting that to reach an acceptable economic growth, we need $150 billion dollars a year, Dr Rouhani added: “We surely need to use foreign investors in this way. Creating a new atmosphere and lifting the sanction was one of the important goals in the negotiations and now there is suitable conditions for investing”.

“We are ready to welcome Iranians living abroad for investing and helping their country to develop since it is the duty of all Iranians” said the President.

Speaking on the latest Security Council resolution on lifting the sanctions, Rouhani said that the situation was so ready for this resolution that no country could object it or they could end up being isolated.

On the relationship between Iran and the US, President Rouhani said that some unconsidered actions from the American side caused the Iranian nation to angry at the American authorities but they never apologized, the action that could ease the tensions. He further added: “The people of Iran have no problem with the people of the US and they respect each other”.

news id: 89594

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