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President in a meeting with Brazilian foreign minister:

Terrorist groups should not be allowed to turn to states of terror /Dilma Rousseff: Iran is an influential regional power

President Hassan Rouhani referring to the friendly ties between Tehran and Brasilia called for expansion of economic, trade, scientific and cultural ties based on the capacities and commonalities between Iran and Brazil.

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Sat 26 - September 2015 - 13:13

President Hassan Rouhani in a meeting with Rousseff on Friday in New York Dr.Rouhani welcoming new bilateral relations with Brazil, said the visit by the Brazilian foreign minister to Iran was a new movement in expansion of bilateral ties which he hoped will be developed in future.

President said: 'The Islamic Republic of Iran has no limits in expansion of its ties with Brazil,' he said, suggesting that both countries shall endeavor to implement the existing bilateral agreements.

He also called for taking the opportunities provided in the aftermath of the nuclear deal between Iran and world powers and said Brazilian firms can take part in Iran's construction projects and the capital market.

Dr.Rouhani said Iran and Brazil can promote their ties to cultural and political fields as well and added, 'Our countries can cooperae in regional issues, global security, anti-terrorism, fight against drug smuggling, and South-South relations.'

President expressing Iran's willingness to expand ties with BRICS countries including Brazil; welcomed interaction of the private sectors in both countries.
'Iran is in the center of a market with 300 million populations in its neighborhood. Iran is a major energy center and enjoys educated and capable young human resources,' he added.

Dr.Rouhani invited Brazilian president to visit Iran and said Tehran and Brasilia can serve as connecting points between the Middle East and Latin America.

On the crisis in Syria, he said “Syria is involved in a big war with terrorists and the country’s people are facing severe difficulties, including displacement,” the Iranian president added.

He warned that plans to topple the Syrian government would only give more opportunities to terrorists to kill civilians.

'Terror groups should not be allowed to become terror states. If fighting terrorism in Syria becomes a priority by all countries, it will be an appropriate course for the settlement of problems and political reform in Syria,' he said.

Rousseff said the world respects Iran's great civilization and history and added; 'Iran and Brazil enjoy common viewpoints in various international organizations.'

She supported expansion of trade, economic and cultural ties between Iran and Brazil and said Brasilia welcomes lifting of sanctions against Iran in the shortest possible time.
'Brazil regards Iran as a regional power and is interested in expansion of bilateral trade and economic ties. We invite Iranian firms for investment in Brazil,' she added.
Rousseff also said Iran has an outstanding role in establishment of stability in the region.
'We think weakening of the Syrian government will give rise to strengthening of terrorism. World has understood that repercussions of the continued war in Syria means reinforcing of Daesh.'

'There is no doubt over the necessity of political reform in Syria, but the priority has to be given to saving its people and stop the flood of refugees,' the Brazilian president stressed.




news id: 89571

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