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Dr Rouhani before leaving for New York:

I will elaborate on cooperation with post-JCPOA Iran in my speeches/Mecca and Medina would also be occupied by terrorists if it were not for Iran

President Rouhani said that solving a big political, technical, and legal problem at the negotiating table and achieving JCPOA is a great achievement which was made with the attempts from the representatives of Iranian nation and guidance from the Supreme Leader and added: “In my speeches in the General Assembly and other programs, I will elaborate on cooperation opportunities with Iran after JCPOA”

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Thu 24 - September 2015 - 15:46

President Rouhani on Thursday before leaving for UN headquarters in New York said: “Taking part in the UN General Assembly is aimed at expressing Iranian people’s ideas and demands on one hand, and meeting with heads of other countries and attending sessions on the side-lines”.

Noting that the 70th annual session of the UN General Assembly has got two new features compared to the previous ones, Rouhani said: “This year’s summit will be held on the side-lines of the General Assembly on the occasion of the program and Sustainable Development goals after 2015 and the Document of Sustainable Development is set to be ratified in the presence of heads of countries. On the same occasion, I will also deliver another speech in the UN’s Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD)”.

Dr Rouhani mentioned that this year is UN’s 70th anniversary and said: “When UN was founded, Iran was discussed in the first session of the Security Council and the second or the third resolution of this council required occupiers to leave Iran’s soil”.

He also described the early Iran-related resolutions of the Security Council as being “relatively good” and continued: “The latest resolution about Iran has been 2231 which also regarding ending an occupation. The first resolution was about putting an end to Iran’s soil occupation and the last one is about ending Iran’s economic occupation and lifting of the sanctions”.

“Although most of the resolutions of the Security Council were not in the framework of the demands of nations and our nation, at least these two resolutions in the beginning and ending of the 70 years were based on the demands of our nation” added Rouhani.

Pointing out that this year’s trip to New York is special in that it is occurring after the nuclear agreement and that Iran will be negotiating with the rest of the world, President Rouhani said: “In my first visit to the UN, I mentioned two issues: the first was that violence and terrorism is a threat to our region. Many did not believe the graveness of the problems in the region and how they could spread to the world. The second was that the sanctions must be lifted and issues solved at the negotiating table; some thought it was hard to believe”.

Mentioning that during his first visit to New York, the meeting of foreign ministers of the 5+1 was held, he said: “The meeting was a significant beginning of the negotiations. My second visit to New York also coincided with reaching the Geneva Agreement but this year, I am heading to New York with JCPOA being reached and circumstances being prepared in the best way possible”.

Speaking about the significance of the achievement by the help of the Iranian people and the Supreme Leader, not only for Iran, but also for peace in the rest of the world, Rouhani said that Iranians should all try to nurture JCPOA, trying to rely on neither the East nor the West.

He added: “Reaching the JCPOA was a considerable achievement which for Iranian people, with the help of their leader and representatives and we could solve a very big problem by negotiating and now we need to pave the way for obtaining the results which are soon to come”.

President referred to the numerous requests by the authorities of several countries to have a meeting with him and said: “We have responded to these requests as much as possible and we will meet with the heads of Islamic countries as well as Asian, European, African, and American ones”.

“Iranian people have always said that Iran-phobia is wrong and threatening Iranian people is inappropriate, being to the detriment of everyone. In the General Assembly, I will say that everyone should treat Iran with respect and witness its good effects.” said Rouhani, adding that Iranian people have always demanded peace. He also said: “Today in the world, Iran-phobia is fading”.

Speaking about terrorism, President Rouhani added: “Today, everyone admits that if they want to confront terrorism in its best way, it would merely be possible with Iran’s cooperation. If it were not for Iran’s armed forces and the Supreme Leader’s guidance, Baghdad and other cities of Iraq would have different circumstances and even Mecca and Medina would be ruled by the terrorists”.

Iran is known as an anti-violence and anti-terrorism power in the world, said Rouhani adding: “If we want the region to develop, we need to unite and establish peace in it. That can be done by economic development”.

Dr Rouhani also referred to his speeches and meetings in UN and said: “We will meet and hold talks with the heads of some countries and explain how they can use the post-JCPOA atmosphere to expand relations and have economic and scientific activities”.

At the end of his speech, President Rouhani said: “For interacting with the world, we had a big wall in front of us named sanctions and we had no choice but to evade this wall. But today, this wall has been eliminated, and we need to pave the way for reaching our goals”.

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