We defended our right in 5+1 negotiations

President Hassan Rouhani in a ceremony of officially starting operation of the Tehran Metro said: “We defended our right in negotiations with 5+1”.

Tue 22 - September 2015 - 15:58

In this ceremony which was held in the presence of Tehran mayor and a number of other authorities, President Rouhani said: “without a doubt, our country’s nuclear negotiations is one of the honourable ones and today in the world not even one country can claim that Iran did not powerfully participate in the negotiations”.

President Rouhani also said: “The first resolution of the Security Council about Iran was issued 70 years ago, requiring occupiers to leave Iran and in the 70th anniversary of the United Nations a relatively good resolution 2231 was issued about Iran and it lifted the six previous unjust resolutions. The main point here is that in the resolution recognised all Iran nuclear rights including the right to enrich uranium for the Iranian people”.

Pointing out that the government is people’s representative, Dr Rouhani added: “The achievements of the government is due to the people’s votes and support. It was the people of Iran who could convince the other side with resistance”.

Speaking about the 8-year imposed war, Rouhani said: “During the Sacred Defence era, we could finally win the war and during the negotiations we could finally win over war which means that we stopped a war from happening by negotiating”.

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