President voices full support of knowledge-based companies

President Hassan Rouhani said here on Wednesday that we should plan for post- sanction era, added that today we requires strong will to achieve independence in all fields of science and technology and our relationship with the world in many other fields.

Wed 16 - September 2015 - 12:36

President said addressing the gathering of knowledge-based companies in the field of health in Tehran.

President Hassan Rouhani underlined that the nuclear agreement recently reached between Iran and six world powers not only preserves the country’s previous achievements but also paves the way for its further advancement in peaceful nuclear technology.

He added: “It has rarely been explained to the people that in this agreement, grounds have also been paved for faster growth in research, development and new knowledge in the field of peaceful nuclear technology.

President further pointed to the economic sanctions and the “wrong” Western resolutions against the Islamic Republic, saying the anti-Iran resolutions have been annulled.

He went on to say that the sanctions will also be lifted and a new atmosphere will be created for the country’s growth in science and trade.

President Rouhani said Fordow will become a center for enrichment and new research reiterated that Arak reactor will be modernized in collaboration with two members of P5+1.
'Thanks to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA), a rapid growth has occurred in research, development and new knowledge in the field of peaceful nuclear energy,' he added.
He continued that Iran has held talks for several weeks to keep Arak Heavy Water Reactor. “They had said that Arak Heavy Water Reactor was not acceptable for us…However, they finally agreed with the Heavy Water.”

He noted that they agreed that the reactor keeps working as a 40-MW reactor of heavy water type.

The six countries also agreed that two P5+1 states would upgrade the reactor, Dr.Rouhani added.

President further continued that Iran’s Fordo nuclear site would become an enrichment and nuclear research center in the future.

Dr. Rouhani said that employing IR-8, the latest generation of centrifuges, is one of the achievements of his administration.

President Rouhani said: 'Tehran and global powers discussed several months on IR8,’ adding the other party was insisting on continuation of Iran's nuclear enrichment working with centrifuges of generations IR1 to IR6.
President added: ‘All the cues and cries were aimed at stopping Iran's centrifuge activities and putting them away for eight years.'


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