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President in a joint meeting of high-ranking delegations of Iran and Austria:

Nuclear deal message is peace, friendship, dialogue, cooperation and economic development of the region and the world

The two presidents of Iran and Austria on Tuesday called for drawing up roadmap for long-term trade and economic ties by 2020.

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Tue 08 - September 2015 - 15:54

President Hassan Rouhani and Heinz Fischer re-affirmed commitment to international campaign against terrorism, common stance, cooperation and necessary coordination to curb terrorism.

President said Tehran and Vienna have stood by one another in the course of history, taking joint measures on various economic, political, cultural and scientific domains.

'Today after nuclear agreement, a suitable opportunity has been provided to enhance level of economic cooperation proportionate with the resolve will of nations and current capacity.'
President Rouhani said that no impediment exists on the way of expansion of bilateral relations, adding that enhanced ties between Iran and Austria always enjoyed national support from the two sides.

President Rouhani said that economic cooperation is the most important factor for consolidation of trust, and that stronger the cultural, economic and political relations, the more consolidated the trust will be available to ensure bases of the Vienna nuclear deal.

President Rouhani said that there are abundant opportunities for investment in Iran in the area of energy, road and railway, banking and insurance, tourism, research and technology and development of southern ports and the corridors linking southern waters and all over Central Asia.

He said extension of necessary airport facilities and easy issuance of visas will lead to expansion of relations between the two nation’s entrepreneurs and private sectors contributing to enhanced trade and commerce.
Pointing to suitable grounds for investment in the energy, industry, road, ports, and tourism sectors, banking and insurance relations, Dr.Rouhani said that joint investment can be a very good beginning for new movement in bilateral relations.

President Rouhani said that Tehran-Vienna relations will not be restricted to the economic field.
'The Islamic Republic of Iran has gained remarkable progress in the scientific, medical, new and aerospace technologies. We are ready to have extensive cooperation with Austria in those areas.'
Presence and activity of Iranian and Austrian companies and private sectors in various fields are of significance; President Rouhani said government of the Islamic Republic of Iran supports activity of private companies, providing them with necessary facilities.'
The President then said there are enormous grounds for joint investment and cooperation between Iran and Austria.

President Rouhani thanked Austria for hosting the highly important Iran-G5+1 nuclear talks.
'The Islamic Republic of Iran is fully determined to implement the nuclear accord and we believe the agreement should be well implemented by both sides.'
'Today, we should display resolve and determination for implementation of the important agreement. As long as the other party honors its obligations about nuclear accord with Iran, we will abide by the promises.'
The Iranian president said Iran nuclear accord should serve as a basis for full confidence building by the two sides.
'Through proper implementation of the agreement, the confidence can be built up further.'
Dr.Rouhani said the Islamic Republic of Iran's efforts after the nuclear accord is endeavoring for stability and security of the region and the world and 'we believe lasting stability and security will be in favor of Europe, the region and the world.'
He added that nuclear agreement is an implementable agreement, with the capacity of serving as a good basis for extensive cooperation.
'The outcome of Iran nuclear agreement is in favor of the region, European Union and the world. I hope through the agreement, we will witness stability, peace, security and further cooperation on the world level.'

He emphasized that the message of Iran nuclear agreement is peace, friendship, dialogue, cooperation and economic development of the region and the world and 'we should well proceed with the way.'
The Iranian chief executive said that there is no doubt that consolidation of scientific relations among world countries will be effective to build-up confidence and there should be extensive cooperation to further consolidate bases of the agreement reached in Vienna.
Meanwhile, President Rouhani cautioned against ongoing insecurity and negative developments in the region deteriorated by menaces of terrorism and said over recent years, insecurity has grown in the region and terrorist groups emerge in new names and that's a danger threatening all.

He said ample cases of security have been imposed on the region over recent years by terrorists and their supporters.
'Terrorism and violence will not be restricted to a region and the requisite for its uprooting is serious endeavor and all-out campaign, leading to elimination of the grounds of recruiting forces for the groups in different parts of Europe.'
President Rouhani said that the international campaign against terrorism will safeguard mankind.
'How the international campaign against terrorism should proceed? By buying oil from Daesh, transfer of money and putting arms at their hands. We should all believe that the terrorists target both bodies of human beings and mankind civilizations.'
Lauding 'positive' decision of certain European countries, including Austria, in collective acceptance of refugees, President Rouhani said first of all, money and arms should not be put at the disposal of terrorists. Future of people of Syria and Iraq will be decided only by people of the countries and Iran is ready to cooperate with Europe in this way.'

Fischer for his part said his country is fully ready to have growing relations and cooperation with a country like Iran which enjoys rich culture and history.
He hoped that his Tehran visit will follow by long-term and durable growth in Tehran-Vienna relations.
'Austria is willing to create new opportunities in the way of expansion of bilateral relations in the economic, scientific and cultural areas,' he added.
He said his current Tehran visit is aimed to have durable and extensive cooperation with Iran in economic and cultural spheres.
As for terrorism and violence, he said, 'We also believe that terrorism should be confronted through serious and coordinated endeavors.'

news id: 89287

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