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President in Kurdistan provincial administrative council:

Expanding cultural atmosphere, moderation and spirituality, is the best weapon against conspiracies

President Hassan Rouhani underlined that the Iranian nation is in favor of moderation, brotherhood, stability, security and peace.

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Sun 26 - July 2015 - 21:27

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting of Kurdistan provincial administrative council on Sunday.
'The aggression, confiscation of lands and interference in internal affairs of other countries do not have any place on Iran's agenda,'
He noted that the regional countries consider Iran as sympathizer of the region.
President Rouhani said that the Iranian nation should get united against the enemies' threats.
President stressing that expanding cultural atmosphere, moderation and spirituality, is the best weapon against conspiracies, said that no doubt the extremists and violence in the region will be only in the benefit of strangers and the Zionist regime.
Dr.Rouhani said that government tries to stabilize moderation in inside the country, international and foreign scenes.
Referring to the Iran’s supports the fight against terrorism in Iraq, the president said that Iran seeks to combat extremism and establish peace and stability in the region.
"Iran has never sought and will never seek to attack a country and our contemporary history confirms this reality, but we are defending our rights, facing anyone who tries to attack and violate the rights of the Iranian people," he said.
Describing the nuclear deal as a national action, Dr. Rouhani said that should try this action led to the unity in the country.
President has focused on the presence and support of the people of the government.
President mentioned the approval by the UN, its proposal for a global project to fight against violence and extremism, and said that this action could be a step toward moderation and rationality.
"Aggression, confiscation of territories and interference in the internal affairs of others are not the agenda of Islamic Iran, but on the contrary, logic, ethics and unwavering defense the country faces the aggressor are on the table of the Iranian government, "said President Hassan Rouhani.
Emphasizing the goals achieved over the nuclear deal, including recognition of the right of enrichment and cancellation of sanctions, the president said that we announced to the world that moderation is the best way.
President Rouhani said the nuclear talks and their results could serve as a model in a world.

news id: 88385

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