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President in a meeting with businessmen and investors in Kurdistan Province:

After the nuclear agreement, Iran is ready to win-win interaction with the global economy

President Rouhani stressing that the government policy of the post-deal is raising capital, technology and production boom and exports enhancement, said that in the economic arena Iran seek an agreement and win-win interaction with big companies, governments and entrepreneurs.

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Sun 26 - July 2015 - 20:28

In a meeting with businessmen and investors in Kurdistan Province, president said that we are not looking to open the doors to imports, but looking for new technologies and increased investment and exports.
Labeling Iran as a threat for international security was in world powers' agenda, but nation's precise decision to sign nuclear deal annulled that decision and return of hazard atmosphere to Iran is impossible, said president.
President said that the ill-wishers argument was not only Iran's enrichment ,but they wanted to introduce Iran as a threat and disturbing the peace and security of its neighbors, the region and the world.
President added that now the same governments admit that Iran is not a threat to peace and security and has become a political partner of the world.
President said that we do not want to threaten a country, not wanting to interfere in the internal affairs of another country and we are not seeking to produce weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear weapons in the country.
President argued that the nuclear agreement was the result of 22 months of tough and complicated negotiations which had lots of marginal difficulties.
'The margins of the negotiations were at times more important than the main theme of them and some regional countries spent tremendous amounts of money to lead the nuclear negotiations into a big defeat,' said the president.
Dr.Rouhani said that Iran was from the very beginning after signing a win-win deal and now the Iranian nation should be able to see the image of a bright future ahead of it.
President argued that a country that is capable of making yellow cake from what it excavates from its mines, turn it into uf6 and turn the uf6 into 3.5% enriched uranium initially and into 20% enriched uranium later on could have from the beginning manufactured the nuclear weapons as well if it really intended to do so.
'The world powers do know these things, but all the same they claim today that they managed to block the path for Iran's manufacturing of nuclear weapons, or to delay its process,' said President Rouhani.
He added that the thoughtful analysts in the world as well as the world powers know well that Iran due to ethical reasons and a decree issued by our Supreme Leader neither intended to manufacture nuclear bombs in the past, nor will ever do so in the future.
“This national victory belongs to the Iranian people and it was due to the resistance of the people and supporters of the Supreme Leader, the Government and the three powers,” said president.

news id: 88382

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