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Dr.Rouhani in a meeting with ulemma, veterans and the elite in Kurdistan province:

Iran's military strategy is defensive and not offensive / Iran seeks the intimacy and brotherhood in the region

President Rouhani stressed that the creation of employment opportunities for young generation is the most important priorities of the country and said: “In new atmosphere after agreement, we should pass the process of economic prosperity and sustainable development in our country with more unity and cooperation.

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Sun 26 - July 2015 - 18:32

President in a meeting with ulemma, veterans and the elite in Kurdistan province said that the atmosphere prevailing in the country should become the atmosphere of enhancement production and exports.
President Rouhani referred to the Islamic Republic of Iran's defense strategy said that Iran’s strategy is defensive and not offensive.
President said that Iran seeks the intimacy and brotherhood in the region.
President said: "Iran is not seeking to produce weapons of mass destruction and calls it unethical and the fatwa of the Supreme Leader."
He said today we hear some say that the nuclear deal will stop Iran from getting a nuclear bomb in less than a year because Iran has never been seeking a mass killing weapon for the reason that it simply is against a religious decree issued by the Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution.
President said that during negotiations, the unjust resolutions were canceled and all sanctions have removed.
"This national victory belongs to the Iranian people and it was due to the resistance of the people and supporters of the Supreme Leader, the Government and the three powers,” said president.
Iranian Shiite and Sunni Muslims might have different paths towards their shared goal, which is none, but dear Iran's advancement development and prosperity, said President Hassan Rouhani.
President adding that although the ill-wishers of the regional nations have created great problems such a ethnic strife and religious division, but fortunately in Iran under the banner of Islam, a single leader, a single government and a single Constitution, Shi'a and Sunni Muslim and the non-Muslims all live at peace.
He said that the Iranians have all tolerated many hardships due to the plots that their enemies have always hatched against them, but they have always emerged prosperously from all the tests.
Praising God for the great blessing of unity, President Rouhani said that in Sanandaj public cemetery of the Shiite and Sunni martyrs of the Iraqi imposed war rest at peace side by side of each other.
'This is a sign of defeat of those who wish to weaken the Iranian political system by magnifying the Shiite-Sunni disputes,' he said, adding that the nation should praise the God for this great blessing.
He also urged to speed up the process of economic growth and development in the country by more unity and said that employing young people is the most important government priority.

news id: 88373

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