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Dr.Rouhani in a large crowd of Kurdistan Province:

People resistance incline arrogant people to give up

President Hassan Rouhani in a large crowd of Kurdistan province on Sunday stressing that people resistances incline arrogant people to give up said that the powers should know that respect, reverence, humility against the great nation of Iran is the only way for them.

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Sun 26 - July 2015 - 12:31

"Today we enjoy the victory of all Iranians after 12 years insisting on reason and dialogue despite the threats and pressure imposed by world powers," Dr.Rouhani stressed adding that the nation boasted its superiority in the field of logic and negotiation winning a historic ground in fight with six world powers thanks to the efforts made by Iranian well-experienced diplomats.
President referred to the nuclear deal and said that the energy of the people is more important than nuclear energy, said that we will continue the resistance economy in the period of post-sanctions.
Stressing that the government will continue the path of progress, President Rouhani said that the end of negotiations will be in honor of the nation.
Stressing that Iran is the safest and most stable countries in the region, President Hassan Rouhani reiterated that Iran is in full support of the oppressed people of the region, the same way it defends its own people.
Moreover, Hassan Rouhani hailed unity among Shia and Sunni population in the province and deemed the two sects as equal and brothers.
The President also reaffirmed Iran's position in removing Takfiri terrorists from the region; “we will do it by unity and solidarity and we will defend the region not just within our borders but also out there in Baghdad, Sulaymanieh, Erbil and Dahwal.”
President said that the world once again bent to the will and bowed to the greatness of the Iranian nation in Vienna.
President underscored nowadays Iran is in a position that no country can threaten the Islamic republic.
'We have managed to settle the nuclear issue at the negotiating table, we are also able to solve other regional and international issues through negotiations,' he added.
President Rouhani also advised the American officials to change their policy, adding, 'the legs of the table are broken'.
President Rouhani was referring to the frequent remarks of American officials that say 'All options, including military one, are on the table.'
' The capacity of the Iranian nation is more important that the nuclear energy,' he said.
'Thanks to the relentless resistance of the Iranian nation, the world powers today have admitted the Iranians will never give in to pressure,' President Rouhani noted.
Dr.Rouhani paid homage to the support he garnered in Kurdistan and expressed grim determination for speeding developmental projects in the province.
President promised serious follow-up of issues related to Kurdistan as "the government and Kurdistan have close ties and the Kurds demonstrated the depth of ties with warm welcoming presidential delegation visiting the province."

news id: 88355

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