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<#SeoPageDetail2(' The future generations will honor the text of the nuclear deal','President Hassan Rouhani termed Iran&#39;s nuclear talks with 6 world powers as unprecedented in history of the word&#39;s diplomacy, expressing certainty that Iran&#39;s future generation will feel proud of nuclear agreement.',' The future generations will honor the text of the nuclear deal','[{"name":"178197.jpg","title":"","sort":"252429","pathval":"jpg"}]')#>

President at the cabinet session:

The future generations will honor the text of the nuclear deal

President Hassan Rouhani termed Iran's nuclear talks with 6 world powers as unprecedented in history of the word's diplomacy, expressing certainty that Iran's future generation will feel proud of nuclear agreement.

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Wed 15 - July 2015 - 13:43

President Rouhani made the remarks at the cabinet session on Wednesday.
'My judgment is that this event will be marked in history; The signing of this agreement was registered in the Iranian history; the wrong image of the Islamic Republic of Iran in eyes of the West and top Western has been changed today; and the future Iranian generations will feel proud of the text of this agreement,' said President Rouhani.
Referring to the great achievements in various fields, president said that future generations will honor the text of the nuclear deal.
'They (the Westerners) always spoke of Iran as a threat and as a country whose behaviors are unpredictable, not as a land of opportunities; they never regarded Iran as a regional, or world power and were merely focusing on Iran's movements cautiously,' said the President.
Dr.Rouhani further stressed that the Western countries' thoughts, deeds and plans for this region were all based on the assumption that Iran is a threat to the regional and international peace and stability.
'Of course false news, lies and erroneous analyses of the ill-wishers and enemies, too, held deteriorate that situation to an extent that our country's nuclear file was forwarded to the UN Security Council and under Chapter 7, Iran was considered as a threat to the world peace and stability,' added the President.
Dr.Rouhani stating that world powers have come to the conclusion that pressure and economic sanctions is useless ,said they also knew that the path that they have chosen have a lot of consequences and risks against their interests, so there was no choice for them but to negotiate.
“Public turnout in 2013 presidential elections sought to bring to surface the most important and pressing issue as nuclear issue,” he added.
He extended gratitude to nuclear negotiators whom he described as ‘very committed, experienced, and technically able,’ whom had been indispensable for best and longest negotiation ever. “World powers saw sanctions and coercion unavailing, and they found ultimately that the road taken by them was teeming with perils and dangers to their national interests; so, they could not do anything without resort to negotiation,” Dr.Rouhani emphasized.
“The sense of unity and solidarity in the society would only come to fruition with Leader’s support and guidelines; we would not have been at this point if his help and heartening advice were not,” he expressed his gratitude to Leader of the Islamic Republic.
Dr.Rouhani extended his commendations to the whole negotiation team, who sat vis-à-vis six world powers to negotiate with which would be demanding and energy-depleting; “now, no country would assume that Iran had given in the negotiations; rather, they saw clearly that Iran is a level to solve its own problems with the world; the least achievement of the deal is that it demonstrated Iran as of huge negotiation abilities, and it definitely is a political, technical and legal success for us,” president concluded.

news id: 88141

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