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Dr.Rouhani addresses nation on conclusion of nuclear talks:

Deal is a beginning of a test and could break wall of distrust / Today a new chapter has opened for new cooperation / All financial and weapons sanctions will be lifted

President Hassan Rouhani in a live TV speech on Tuesday addresses nation on conclusion of nuclear talks, said Iran was after maintaining its national interests in this negotiations including protecting Iran’s capabilities in nuclear energy industry, see an end to the "wrong, cruel and inhumane sanctions", see all "illegal" resolutions imposed by the UN Security Council scrapped, and see its nuclear dossier excluded from the Chapter 7 of the UN charter, the president explained ,stressing that all of these objectives have been met in the agreed document.

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Tue 14 - July 2015 - 16:41

President Rouhani said that today a new chapter has opened; this new chapter is based upon the fact that the solutions to intricacies worldwide follow a shorter and less costly path.
President said that in order to come up with solutions for problems of Iran’s important nuclear issue that in the one hand it had turned into political and international issue, to the extent that it was resorted to chapter 7 of UNSC and several resolutions calling for sanctions against Iran and on the other hand the issue had turning to a subject for spreading Iran phobia in the region and the world claiming that Iran is after manufacturing nuclear weapons. And the other hand you see that from a view of science and technology this was an important issue for us and it had turned into a subject related a national pride and dignity.
Dr.Rouhani said socially speaking, nuclear issue turned into matter of national pride and dignity and economically speaking, harsh conditions were created as a result due to pressures piled up by imposition of sanctions. Though, he added, as already emphasized, sanctions have never been successful, while being influential in life of the ordinary people.
President Rouhani said, 'I announce to the great Iranian nation that a new chapter has opened in an important juncture of country's history. The 12-year dispute emanated from illusions of the western governments and the propaganda to spread such illusions in the international community, are over.'
'I am happy that with the 23-month nuclear talks of Iran with the world six major powers, we have today been able to reach a new point; of course the month of Ramadan has always been source of blessing and destiny making for the 11th Government.'
He added, 'The 25th of the month of Ramadhan in the year 1392 was the year of taking presidential oath; the 26th of the month of Ramadhan that year was the swearing-in ceremony and today, it is the day of Iran's success to bring the six world powers to the Comprehensive Joint Plan of Action (CJPOA).'
'We should take necessary steps in various sections to settle nuclear issue and problem; politically speaking, we should prepare necessary political conditions; as far as public opinion is concerned, they should know that negotiations does not mean reading statements. Negotiation means give and take. Negotiation means money that is given and a house that is purchased. We did not seek charity so that somebody will give us something for free; we were for talks; we wanted fair Give & Take based on national interests.'
He added, 'We have always emphasized that the talks will not win-loss in kind; any talks, being win-loss in nature, will not last long. The talks and agreement will be durable that is win-win for both sides.'
According to President Rouhani the path to talks started before start of the 11th government and since 12 years ago on the consent of the Supreme Leader.
We had to bring order to economy under sanctions; when we started negotiations, the economic growth was well under zero per cent; however, during negotiations, we both controlled the inflation and stabilized economy, which was a clear message to the 5+1; resistance by the Iranian nation was also effective; the national resistance brought the western negotiators back to negotiation table; we sought four objectives in the negotiations; to secure a continuous nuclear activity inside the country; to remove inhumane and cruel sanctions; to have cancelled in the UN all resolutions against Iran; to remove out of the UN arrangements Iran’s nuclear program; we reached almost all four objectives; however, to adhere to redlines, considerable efforts have been waged by our experts, politicians, and negotiators in the negotiation.
Once they had been telling us that in the era of deprivation, Iran should have only 100 centrifuges, however, we reached to 1000 centrifuges, and finally 4000 centrifuges; now negotiations has secured 6000 centrifuges; 1000 in Fordow, 5000 in Natanz facilities; they had been telling us that you should be deprived 20+10 years; they finally agreed to reduce the years to 10 years and again to 8 years.
About R&D, they said it should be possible for Iran only for IR1; this was ludicrous, since we had already operated IR1; they finally agreed to recognize our using of IR8, and now we have secured that too. About Arak, their sacrosanct redline was heavy water in Arak reactor; now the deal recognizes heavy water for Arak.
In Fordow, they felt it difficult to even hear the very name of Fordow; they had dreaded from the very name; now they have agreed to the center to remain active; in sanctions, they have agreed to remove sanctions; however, they had been demanding that sanctions be removed in a gradual basis; now, the deal allows removal of sanctions altogether; all sanctions in financial and banking sector, heavy industries, oil and gas, and all economic sanction; even arms embargo will also be removed after 5 years.
About removal of UN resolutions, they demanded that we implement for at least 6 months so that they cancel all six resolutions; now the deal cancels all six resolutions.
With implementation of the deal, after 10 years, no dossier will remain in the UN; It would be objected that trust upon the 5+1 makes the basis for the deal; for us, implementation of the deal is a real test: if it is implemented well, it would destroy every brick of the wall of distrust.
We will continue to go forward with the deal, without investing trust in countries in the region which are either enemies or rivals. We have once implemented [the deal] unilaterally; now the deal is bilateral if they remain committed to the deal; the Iranian nation has always lived to its promise, and will do this time as well. However, deal has different stages; all seven countries have agreed unanimously on all articles of the deal; with the UN, it should approve of the deal where it relates to removal of resolutions approved by the UN.
Today is the day of joint statement; the day when the UN approves of the deal, it is the day when the US and the EU will clearly announce removal of all sanctions, and after that Iran’s commitment will go into effect, which will last for at least two months, which will be the day for deal implementation; however we have yet a stage to that day, it is a historically important day when all powers recognized, after 12 years, Iran’s nuclear technology; they agreed to help Iran in its nuclear program; they announced that sanctions will be removed and Iran will be dealt as a normal member of international community; it is the day when false assumptions and cruel mentality toward Iran is over; today, it is not all the nation in all cities of Iran are jubilant, rather, in Lebanon, in Gaza, and elsewhere in the region are jubilant, since the Zionist regime has been bereft of all its pretexts as it is baseless.
Today, powers might say that they prevented Iran from making a nuclear bomb has been their major achievements; however, all know well that our Leader’s fatwa prohibits nuclear weapon; Iran has never been and will never be after achieving nuclear weapons; so I call them to speak of other achievements which would usher a new era in international community.
I would thank all those players who played a role in the negotiations; our nation, for their resistance, Leader of the Islamic Republic, a good guide and an able and kind adviser, who had accepted a heavy burden; Parliament, the Judiciary, the armed forces which supported the nation and negotiators, universities and clerics, seminaries, all people in four quarters of this country, whose will empowered us and gave us the courage to remain steadfast.
I would welcome constructive criticism; however, I would not allow criticism through scandal, through gossip, through defamation, to damage the trust of the public, to extinguish their hope for a new start; fresh start to a new hope, a better future for our youth, a more rapid movement toward development; and finally, you all our neighbors, beware of being trapped in Israeli propaganda; Iran’s power is your power, we know security in the region as our security; we assume our stability the stability of the region; we had not been seeking nuclear weapons; we had not been seeking mounting pressures on our neighbors; now we will want more cooperation and more harmony in the region.
And as to our nation, we will have your help and support, in the path to the future.

news id: 88109

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