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President calls for people's mass participation in int'l Quds day

President Hassan Rouhani called on Thursday for mass participation of people in the International Quds Day rallies, and said the nation will shout its hatred for the Zionist regime on Friday.

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Wed 08 - July 2015 - 12:49

'People will tell the world on the Quds Day that the Muslim nations will never forget Palestine and occupation of this territory,' Dr.Rouhani said.
He underlined that the Iranian nation will shout its hatred for the Zionists on the Quds Day, given the massacre of innocent people by the terrorists in the region and their links with Zionist regime.
'The Islamic Ummah will actually shout the call of unity on the Quds Day,' Dr.Rouhani stressed.
'The Muslims with their widespread presence in this day tell the world that despite the silence of some people vis-à-vis the indescribable oppressions done against the great nation of Palestine, they will never forget the Holy Quds and the oppressed Palestinian nation,' he added.
President Rouhani said that Quds is a day that Muslim nations, especially the Iranian nation, the voice of oppression of a great nation who have been away from their home.

news id: 87945

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