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In a meeting with a group of families of martyrs at an Iftar reception:

President stresses respect for families of martyrs

President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday met with a group of families of martyrs at an Iftar (fast breaking) reception, underlining respect for the families.

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Sun 05 - July 2015 - 23:14

In an address to the martyrs’ families, President Rouhani commemorated 72 government officials martyred in a terrorist bombing (by MKO) in July 1981 and praised braveries of martyrs in different post Islamic Revolution events.
He underlined respect for families of martyrs, saying it is the least that can be done in appreciation of martyrs, who lost their lives for genuine goals.
Elsewhere in his address, the president deplored killing of innocent people in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Africa.

news id: 87918

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