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President in a gathering of people of Fars province in Shiraz:

All unfair UNSC resolutions to be lifted by use of logic / The more important than centrifuges is the power of Iranian negotiating team

President Hassan Rouhani said Iran will succeed in a near future to nullify all sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) thanks to the support of the nation and the Supreme Leader.

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Wed 29 - April 2015 - 12:09

President made the remarks in a gathering of people in the capital city of Shiraz in south of the country on Wednesday.
Dr.Rouhani emphasized that his government’s foreign policy has been based on tolerance and moderation and said “the nuclear negotiations are to confirm that Iran is a country following logic and argument.”
He said that the Iranian nuclear negotiations team follows the path of preserving Iran’s nuclear rights as well as national interests.
He said they will succeed to annul the unfair UNSC resolutions against Iran by use of logic and power of reasoning.
The President said that Iran’s ongoing negotiations with the P5+1 serve to prove the point that Iranians are a nation of logic and rationality.
He said the power of the Iranian nuclear negotiations team during the talks is more important than that of centrifuges.
He referred to the many humanitarian points that great literary figures belonging to Fars province used to promote lofty human values and said had people adhered to their teachings, there would have been no signs of extremism in the region and nobody witnessed the brutal bombings of the defenseless people.
The President noted that even before the removal of the sanctions, his government succeeded in opening the doors of the country to the world and exporting Iranian products.

news id: 86651

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