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After two days visit to Indonesia:

President Rouhani returns home

President Hassan Rouhani said in Tehran on Friday that the South-South and Asia-Africa cooperation is of high importance at present conditions worldwide as it will thwart unilateralism.

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Fri 24 - April 2015 - 07:54

'The South-South and Asia-Africa cooperation is a very important and great move globally,' said President Rouhani in an interview with reporters upon return home at Tehran International Airport.
President Rouhani elaborated on his Indonesia trip to attend the Asian-African Summit in Jakarta and said present century is called the Century of Asia, a continent growing and developing further and further, as is the case in Africa.
Providing an outline of the Jakarta Summit, President Rouhani said the meeting, held on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of Bandung session, got senior leaders of more than 100 countries together to discuss various subjects, including ways of expansion of economic cooperation between the Asian and African continents' leaders.
The president said considering ongoing regional and global conditions, terrorism campaign overshadowed almost all subjects and the participants discussed condition of countries, such as Syria and Africa, facing the issue and the intricacies of the Yemeni people.
In his meetings on the sidelines of the two-day Summit, the president said he had met and conferred with the Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indonesian counterparts as well as prime ministers of Japan and Bangladesh and all of them urged expansion of relations with Iran.
He said all the senior leaders had congratulated him on Iranian nation's resistance and said the nation is taking the final steps in the path to talks with the G5+1.
In the Summit, the President gave an address and met and conferred with the heads of state and high-ranking officials of the attending countries, including Japan, China, Indonesia, Vietnam and Bangladesh, on the sidelines.
He also met a group of elite and academics of Indonesian universities, discussing unity in the world of Islam.

news id: 86515

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