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At the Asian-African Conference:

President urges global action to stop terrorism

President Hassan Rouhani on Wednesday urged the world to rise against the menace of terrorism, violence and extremism.

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Wed 22 - April 2015 - 10:17

Making the remarks here when addressing the opening of the Asian African Conference (AAC), President Rouhani said that stopping terrorism needs global action.
He said the resistance and persistence of the Iranian nation as well as the high speed of its peaceful indigenous nuclear progress forced other parties to sit at the negotiations table.
He said the 5+1 had to negotiate because they eventually came to the point that threats, efforts to intimidate and tarnishing security could never bring peace and security to the world.
President also said that constructive interaction was the only objective Iran perused because it was to the benefit of all world nations.
Dr.Rouhani warned against growing terrorism in large parts of Asia and Africa, saying extremists are using intelligence, arms and financial support from certain regional and international players to achieve their “illegitimate objectives.”
“This comes as their supporters are ignorant of the fact that the persistence of instability in volatile regions will further fuel insecurity in the world and in their own countries,” Dr.Rouhani said.
President said that it is time that the world presented an action plan against violence and extremism, stressing the need for a “wise approach” to uproot terrorism.
Dr.Rouhani also proposed Iran’s plan on countering terrorism, which included respecting the lives of people regardless of religious, racial or ethnic issues, identifying and eradicating the roots of aggression and ending financial and intelligence support for terrorists.
“We should counter the expansion of terrorism by cutting off financial, political and intelligence support [for terrorists],” Dr.Rouhani said, criticizing certain countries for dichotomizing terrorism into good and bad forms.
President also said that ongoing conflicts and tension, which are aggravated by military intervention, have led to humanitarian catastrophes in crisis-hit areas, including Yemen and Syria.
“We believe that lasting peace hinges on halting military intervention and creating the necessary conditions for understanding and dialog among all political groups,” he added.
Dr.Rouhani said that his country is resolute to use its regional and international potential to ensure security in the region and contribute to world peace, adding that in doing so Iran is ready to cooperate with its neighbors, including Arab countries.
Touching on Iran’s nuclear talks, President Rouhani said that a final deal over Tehran’s nuclear program should guarantee the Islamic Republic’s right to use peaceful nuclear technology as well as the removal of all economic sanctions.
President also pointed to sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, denouncing them as cruel and illegal.”
President said that it is time that the world presented an action plan against violence and extremism, stressing the need for a “wise approach” to uproot terrorism, added any religions or ethnics should encounter terrorism.
He criticized double standards adopted by certain countries towards the issue of terrorism, saying they have wrongly dichotomized terrorism into good and bad forms.
He urged the global community to try to identify the roots of terrorism in an effort to dry its stems which distracts people to them.
He believed the cultural and economic reasons behind this tendency for violence and aggressive behaviors should become clear.

news id: 86423

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