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To attend Asian-African Conference (AAC):

President arrives in Indonesia

President Hassan Rouhani arrived in Indonesian capital city to attend Asian-African Conference (AAC) and was welcomed by Indonesian officials at the airport.

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Tue 21 - April 2015 - 18:20

The summit is being held for the 60th year has received broad attention of the two large continent's leaders this year and will open on Wednesday.
Twenty-five heads of state from Asia and Africa will take part in the summit meeting in Jakarta and Bandung.
Officials from 109 countries and 20 international organizations are invited to attend the sessions of this meeting, inclusive of ministers and top experts from some 80 countries around the globe.
President is scheduled to address the first general assembly of the summit meeting on Wednesday and will be presiding over one of the six sessions of the Summit. Meanwhile, Dr.Rouhani will have a meeting with the prominent Indonesian religious scholars, merchants and businessmen.
There will also be a side meeting in the conference to study critical humanitarian situation in Yemen and the deaths caused by the Saudi air raids on the civilian targets.

news id: 86408

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