President calls for increasing the level of Tehran- Caracas economic cooperation

President Hassan Rouhani, stressing the Iranian nation and government's will for expansion of comprehensive relations and cooperation with Venezuela especially in the economic field,.

Mon 20 - April 2015 - 19:10

Dr.Hassan Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with Venezuela's Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez on Monday.
The president said that the era of big powers' interference in the internal affairs of the other nations is now over and the interference of some powers in the internal affairs of independent countries, such as Venezuela, is quite unacceptable.
President Rouhani also noted the decline in global oil prices, said that current oil prices are not only to the loss of the producers, but also destabilizing the international oil markets.'I hope the joint efforts made by the oil producing countries will lead to returning balance to the oil markets so that relying on market stability and balanced rates every exporting nation will be benefitted fairly,' said President Rouhani.
He referred to Venezuela's lobbying aimed at harbingering balance in the world oil markets, reiterating that Iran sincerely hopes such efforts will lead to return of balance to those markets.
The Venezuelan foreign minister, too, in the meeting stressed the dire importance of further strengthening of Tehran-Caracas comprehensive relations and cooperation.
'Iran is a strategic friend and partner for Venezuela and the Venezuelan nation and government will always be on the side of the Iranian nation and government,' said Delcy Rodríguez.

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