President appreciates the Algerian government's stance toward Iran's nuclear program

President Hassan Rouhani described the Zionist regime as the major danger in the fields of weapon of mass destruction including the nuclear, chemical and biological arms in the region.

Mon 20 - April 2015 - 11:32

President Rouhani made the remarks while receiving the letter of credential of Algerian new Ambassador to Tehran Ahriz Abdelmoun'aam.
'All countries should put more political pressure on Zionist regime aimed at forcing the Zionist regime to accept the international laws and rules,' President Rouhani added.
President also appreciated the Algerian government's stance toward Iran's nuclear program.
Touching upon the political crisis and the terrorism dilemma in the region, President reiterated that the Libya, Syria and Yemen issues could not be settled with the military solutions.
He underscored that all the countries should help settle these political issues.
The president also expressed hope that the peace-loving countries, Iran and Algeria in particular, continue their consultations aimed at establishing peace through the political means in the region.
Abdelmoun'aam, for his part, said he would do his best to reinforce the level of mutual cooperation during his tenure.
'Tehran and Algiers are cooperating in several regional and mutual issues,' the envoy added.

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