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President in glorification ceremony of the National Army Day:

Iran’s military parades is symbol of national power / Iran’s military doctrine is purely defensive

President Hassan Rouhani on Saturday highlighted that the country’s military forces followed peace, security, legitimate power, defending national rights and interests, as well as aiding the suppressed innocents in the region and throughout the world.

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Sat 18 - April 2015 - 09:05

President Rouhani made the remark s during Iranian army’s marching ceremony to mark the National Army Day.
“The Islamic Revolution would not have succeeded, had it not been for the positive response of the Army to the late Imam’s call for support of the revolutionary forces,” said the President.
President Rouhani urges nations to adopt Iran’s defensive doctrine.
He noted the regional states are not concerned about the presence of Iranian army and other armed forces at the country’s borders and open waters, adding “our doctrine is not of military invasion but purely defensive.”
President Rouhani has urged other nations to follow Iran’s defense military strategy and stop waging wars in the region.
President hailed the courage shown by different units of the Iranian Army, praising close connection between the Army and Iranian people during the post-revolution era.
Maintaining that Iran’s military parades are a source of comfort for the people in the region, Dr.Rouhani stressed the country’s strategy was ‘active deterrence’ to preserve peace and security in the country and regional states.
Dr.Rouhani asserted Iran does not only seek to preserve its power but follows, at the same time, international laws; “Iran chose negotiations on the face of its will to obtain peaceful nuclear technology because we wanted to show the world there is no issue in the region and across the globe that cannot be resolved at the negotiating table.”
“We wanted to say a powerful nation prides itself on abiding by the law, and we will obey all international laws to obtain the world’s trust regarding the peaceful nature of our nuclear technology,” said Dr.Rouhani.
President has warned against hatching plots in the region, saying the military aggression against civilians in Yemen will bring disgrace to the aggressors.
Other countries must learn from Iran’s Armed Forces and prevent hatching plots in the region, he said, adding they should not attack innocent children and the aged people in Yemen.
“Others must learn from Iran’s Army and do not seek a plot in the region and do not attack innocent children and elderly women and men in Yemen,” Dr.Rouhani said.
He added that attack on the oppressed people would not bring honor to anyone.
“Why do the aggressors not extend a hand of friendship and reconciliation to other nations? What is the point in sending financial and arms aid to terrorists in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq? What is the point in the bombardment of the oppressed and innocent people in Yemen?” the president asked.
He said the airstrikes against the Yemeni people created a grudge among regional nations, emphasizing that the invaders would definitely receive a response for their deeds.
President said Iran held negotiations with the P5+1 group on Tehran’s nuclear program to “show that there is no problem in the region and across the world which cannot be settled at the negotiating table and through wisdom.”
He reaffirmed Iran’s commitment to all international regulations to prove the peaceful nature of the country’s nuclear activities and build international confidence.
Dr.Rouhani stated that the great Iranian nation would proceed on the path to national development, stressing, “We all defend national interests with more unity and coherence.”

news id: 86225

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