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During the joint meeting of the government and parliament:

Iranian nation will never give up its right

President Rouhani stressed on the power of the Iranian diplomats and politicians, and added that Iran will not before world powers and will not give up its right for peaceful use of nuclear energy.

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Sun 12 - April 2015 - 18:30

He noted that the government is prepared to run the affairs of the country with low oil income.
Even if the nuclear issue is resolved, he added, its economic results will not appear soon.
He said the country was facing problems in recent years, but the government with the help of the Majlis (parliament) and the people, and with the support and guidance of the Supreme Leader, had taken very good measures.
"We have passed from the downturn, but to launch an economic boom we need to attract foreign and domestic investment, transfer of technology and enhancing the export of non-oil," he reiterated.
Dr.Rouhani presented a report on the efforts of the government in the economic to reduce inflation and said that the government needs the support of parliament to continue this process.
Focusing on the interaction with the world in the nuclear issue, the president said that in the nuclear negotiations we took two major steps; one is the Geneva Agreement which led to the lifting of some sanctions and in the second we can complete this experience.
The president emphasized the power of the Iranian diplomats and politicians, and underlined that Iran will not give up its right for peaceful use of nuclear energy and world powers are not able to pressure Tehran to bend towards them.
The president described nuclear negotiations as complicated and hard, and added that Iran aims to play a win-win game in order to resolve the nuclear issue and in the meantime, improve relations with world.
Despite resolution of some issues during Lausanne negotiations in March, the upcoming talks would be very much complicated, Dr.Rouhani asserted.
President also referred to the ongoing violence and conflicts in the region and warned Muslims about enemies' divisive plots.
He pointed on the situation in the region and said that there are issues in the region which need to be solved by the interaction.

news id: 86047

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