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President in a conference of ‘The Lady of Revolution’:

Features of “Lady of the Revolution" effects on Late Imam’s view on the social role of women

President Hassan Rouhani on Sunday commending Imam Khomeini’s revolutionary approach, which restored and returned honor and glory to Iran, stressed his transcendental viewpoint towards women and added: “There is no doubt this perspective was influenced by behavior and characteristics of Lady Saghafi.”

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Sun 12 - April 2015 - 11:48

Speaking in a conference on Imam Khomeini’s wife, the Late Khadijeh Saqafi commemoration on Sunday morning, he stressed active presence of Iranian women both in society and family.
“Imam Khomeini paved the way for Iranian women to participate actively in the society and we are proud of Iranian women who are present at all social fields and levels,” added he.
Dr.Rouhani, further, emphasized that feminism and masculinism are meaningless in Islamic principles, saying “Islam’s focus is on meritocracy.”
President noted that within the frame of norms and principles, Iranian women have to be involved in all social activities and stressed their role in helping the government to implement the resistance economy policies.
President hailed Iranian women's role in the revolution and post-revolution era and asked the Iranian women to help execution of resistance economy policies.
Matriarchy and patriarchy have no place in Islamic teachings and Islam emphasizes on meritocracy, Dr.Rouhani added.
He said that Imam Khomeini introduced real political Islam which has the potential to manage the world today.

news id: 86028

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