Iran always call for termination all sanctions and there was no word on suspension / Harmony and Unanimity key to economic progress and solidarity

President Hassan Rouhani said 'During talks Iran always called for termination of economic, financial and banking sanctions and there was no word on suspension. Otherwise, there would be no deal.'

Sun 05 - April 2015 - 13:35

PresideHassan Rouhani said on Sunday in a meeting with a group of agents and directors of the government on the occasion of New Year.
President said that Iranians and the friendly countries are happy with nuclear understanding between Iran and G5+1 and all know that they have no option except for clinching a deal with Iran.
He said the enemies of Iran are not satisfied with the success of nuclear talks.
Iran has always called for termination of economic, financial and banking sanctions, he said.
The president dismissed the accusation that Iran would seek regional hegemony if it came out successful in nuclear talks.
The Islamic Republic of Iran never seeks to invade any country as the Iranian history is good evidence to such principle, said President Rouhani.
'If anyone dares to violate the right of Iranian people, we will defend our rights,' he underlined.
Recent nuclear talks in Switzerland were very complicated and tough in the country's history, he said.
Referring to presence of global military and economic powers in these talks, he said if the level of talks had not enhanced, there would be no progress.
In this round of talks, the two sides reached agreement on continued activities of Natanz, Fordo and Arab heavy water reactor, he said.
There is no doubt that the two sides took concrete steps but writing of final deal will be a very tough job, he said.
The world knows that it had no option except clinching a deal with Iran as the great Iranian people are determined to attain their goals and never give up to pressures or sanctions, he said.
He advised the officials to spare no efforts to serve nation and do their utmost to attain economic success and development.

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