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In a message on the advent of Nowruz:

President calls sustainable prosperity, rise in non-oil exports and new job opportunities three goals in New Year / Countries are competing with each other in establishing friendly ties with Iran

President Hassan Rouhani has set sustainable prosperity, growing non-oil exports and generating new job opportunities as three goals of his administration in the new Iranian year.

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Sat 21 - March 2015 - 02:27

In a message on the advent of Nowruz, the new Iranian year of 1394 on Saturday morning, Dr.Rouhani said his government will focus on these three goals especially jobs for young people during 1394 which started today.
He said that encouraged by the public support he is determined to take new steps to enhance the country’s non-oil exports and create new employment opportunities.
He congratulated Iranians, both in and out of the country, on the arrival of the new Iranian year.
He also extended his felicitations on the New Year to all those who are observing the ancient tradition of Nowruz all over the region and especially the families of martyrs.
He said that what the Iranian nation had managed to accomplish in the field of promoting ‘the economy of resistance’ during the past year has paved the way for the Iranian nuclear negotiators to stand firm against world hegemonic powers.
He said the Iranian nation did so despite the sanctions and pressures of big powers thus proving the fact the will of the nation could by no means be affected by sanctions.
He said no sanctions could ever have any impact on the sense of trust which prevails over the state-nation relations in Iran.
President Rouhani stressed that this spirit will certainly continue to dominate till the victory of the Iranian nation.
No one is racing for imposing more sanctions against Iran any longer, he said.
Rather, President Rouhani underscored, countries are competing with each other in establishing friendly ties with Iran.
He said today everyone could see that world countries especially big powers have come to understand that sanctions and threats are of no use.
President said they now realize that interaction and understanding and respect are the only ways to treat the Iranian nation.
He said: “We have already stabilized Iran’s nuclear rights, have destroyed the mechanism of sanctions and led the nation right to their sublime goals. We have expanded our ties with our neighbors in all areas” because friendship and cooperation is Iran’s principled policy.
President stressed that it was Iran’s policy to focus on détente and expanding relations with neighboring counties both in east and west of the region.
President Rouhani referred to the heroic achievements of Iran against terrorism, extremism and violence as another major accomplishment of the nation during the past Iranian year.
He said Iran never left its friends alone in their combat against terrorism. He said Iran assisted its friends all over the region at every spot they were threatened by terrorism.
President Rouhani said Iran will continue to aid its friends against terrorism until extremism and radicalism are uprooted in the region as well as in the whole globe.
He further referred to the achievements of his government in the past year including in healthcare, health, social welfare and environment protection.
He said the new Iranian year is a year of elections so there should be a better atmosphere for the partisan activities.
“We should raise the level of tolerance to prove our nation’s dignity to the enemies,” he added.
He said: “We should prove to all that we can stand opposing opinions.”
“Let’s join hands to elect a parliament which is becoming of the great name of the Iranian nation and also vote for an Assembly of Experts which could bring more stability to the country and further peace to public opinion,” he said.
He said the government is also trying to improve the atmosphere of peace and tranquility for cultural activities to let all innovative ideas to blossom.
President Rouhani also prayed for the prosperity of the country and peace for region and the whole globe in 1394.

news id: 85506

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