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President in a joint meeting of Iranian and Turkmen economic activists and traders:

Iran, Turkmenistan serve as gate to wider world

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that Iran and Turkmenistan serve as a gate to wider world.

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Wed 11 - March 2015 - 17:17

'Iran and Turkmenistan serve as a gate for their nations to enter a wider world from the North to South and from East to West,' President Rouhani told a joint meeting of Iranian and Turkmen economic activists and traders.
He said ways of expanding all-out Tehran-Ashkhabat cooperation should be drawn up in the joint meetings of Iranian and Turkmen traders and economic activists and senior officials. 'Today, all facilities are available for close, excellent and cordial ties between the two countries and two nations.'
He went on to say, 'Iran and Turkmenistan are two independent states; however, there is no border in the hearts of their people because the two nations share age-old cultural commonalty and today, they want to upgrade their relations to the highest possible level.'
President Rouhani said the meetings and talks between Iranian and Turkmen officials during the visit will open the road for future of their relations. 'The Islamic Revolution of Iran and Turkmenistan's independence mark key events in recent decades, allowing the two countries to independently decide their future; both countries have drawn up their future course on the basis of the independence.'
President said political border cannot be taken as cultural border between Iran and Turkmenistan. 'Name of Turkmenistan is registered in the ID card of Iran as Iran's name is put on the ID card of Turkmenistan; although, today the governments of Iran and Turkmenistan enjoy extensive economic relations and are very close to each other in political, regional and global issues of concern, their nations are very close ideologically and culturally and both care for peace, reconciliation, friendship and campaign against extremism and moderation.'
Dr.Rouhani announced 'Of course, we still need to pave the way for expansion of relations more than ever before and the two countries' foreign ministries are today committed to further facilitate issuance of visas, especially for traders and merchants. On the other hand, he added, financial and banking cooperation between the two sides should be further facilitated to make commercial exchanges easier.

news id: 85429

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