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President in a meeting with Indonesian Special Envoy:

Iran, Indonesia can show moderate, real face of Islam / Iran seeks expansion of economic ties with Indonesia

President Hassan Rouhani underlined on Sunday that Tehran and Jakarta has paid a high cost in their fight against terrorism and extremism, said “Iran and Indonesia can show moderate and real face of Islam.”

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Sun 15 - March 2015 - 13:23

He made the remarks in a meeting with Indonesian Special Envoy for Middle East issues Alwi Shihab.
Iran and Indonesia as two members of Non Aligned Movement (NAM) and Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) can play a major role to settle regional and international issues, the President said.
President said that Iran and Indonesia can introduce the moderate and real face of Islam to the world against the violent face which extremist showed.
He underlined that Tehran-Jakarta relations are historical and cultural and Iran welcomes expansion of all out ties with Indonesia.
President Rouhani thanked his counterpart for inviting him to attend the 60th anniversary of the Asia-Africa Conference.
The Indonesian special envoy for Middle East issues, for his part, submitted the invitation letter of the Indonesian president to Dr.Rouhani and called for promotion of ties between Tehran and Jakarta.
The Indonesian people love Iran's Islamic Revolution and believe in fighting hegemonic powers, Shihab added.
The envoy lauded the Iranian President's efforts to support religious proximity and fighting extremism.
Voicing hope for resolution of Iran's nuclear issue, he said that Indonesian giant companies are keen to invest in Iran's development projects.
Iranian and Indonesian officials on different occasions have underlined the need for eradication of violence and extremism around the world.

news id: 85414

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