Iran's foreign policy is based on constructive interaction with other states /Iran hopes other party to have enough political will

President Hassan Rouhani said on Tuesday that the Islamic Republic of Iran believes in a win-win settlement of the nuclear dispute and has been flexible enough and expects the other party to show political will.

Tue 10 - February 2015 - 18:56

President Rouhani made the remarks in a meeting with diplomats and the Tehran-based foreign ambassadors.
Iran's foreign policy is based on constructive interaction and the policy is being pursued by the Iranian government, he said.
Under such policy, Iran's relations with other countries such as its neighbors have improved, he said.
President said that negotiations to settle the nuclear dispute is on its right track and the two sides go towards resolving the issue.
The Islamic Republic of Iran always called for a win-win settlement of the dispute and is upholding the policy, he said.
'We hope the other sides to show required political will to resolve the dispute,' he said.
'If they had the political will, the issue would be resolved at the earliest,' he said.
Iran believes that restoration of stability and security of the region depends on close cooperation between countries of the region, he said.
Once only the people in Palestine were the victims of the Israeli state terrorism but regretfully insecurity has currently engulfed the entre region, said President Rouhani.
Intervention of foreign powers in the region is the root cause of rampant instability, he said adding that weak economy and low scientific progress in some countries of the region have pushed the region towards instability.
The Islamic Republic of Iran believes that all countries should help fight terrorism, instability, extremism, drug trafficking, organized crimes, insecurity in the sea and Iran spares no effort to help regional countries in this fight, he said.
Citing the WAVE initiative he put forward to the United Nations General Assembly last September, the President said that the international community should mobilize resources for the World Against Violence and Extremism.

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