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Iran has come close to better parts of negotiations

President Hassan Rounahi has said to boost business domestically; the government would grant forgiveness to some of deferred debts to banking system.

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Tue 03 - February 2015 - 19:30

The heads of three branches of Executive, Legislation, and the Judiciary met on Tuesday, after which they attended a joint press conference about the meeting. The Parliament speaker, the head of the Judiciary and president discussed wide range of issues, inter alia, huge debts to banking system, air pollution, annual budget plan, and nuclear negotiations with the 5+1.
President Rouhani speaking to the reporters said that his sitting with the heads of two other branches of power had always been ‘bountiful.’
“We discussed the budget plan of the upcoming year (beginning March 21), whose drafting is underway in its final sections; the estimations and predictions of the budget for the next year should be made in coordination with honorable heads of these two branches of government,” Dr.Rouhani told the reporters. “Domestic business was also discussed in the meeting; however, a barrier in the way of improvement of the business environment is huge sum of debts to country’s banking system; those individuals who have taken loans from banks should return these huge figures, which however have been deferred, and in order to boost the business plan, we may grant forgiveness to some of these deferred debts,” he said, attributing the deferment to the highly volatile exchange rate and its fluctuations which hit the market and with it the debtors.
President also added that the Judiciary would help in the process of granting forgiveness to some parts of the deferred debts, believing that debtors would not be taken as responsible for their failure in repayment of their debts.
“Iran’s nuclear program and negotiations was also a subject matter in the meeting; the negotiators have the system’s mandate and are endorsed by it; we have come close to better parts of negotiations and hitting an agreement, where West feels that it should respect Iran’s nuclear rights; however the gaps are still large, we have worked to bring together the two sides,” Dr.Rouhani emphasized.
Dr.Rouhani also said that the issue of air pollution in Tehran and other metropolitan cities around the country was on the focus of the meeting as well; “we agreed that a committee should be established to attract investments in transportation sector, which entails the cooperation of all branches,” he asserted.
President said: “Terrorism and ways to fight it and developments in the region were also discussed in the meeting.”

news id: 84327

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