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President in a meeting with rank and file of the armed forces Jamaran destroyer:

No superpower can harm Iran sovereignty, independence

President Hassan Rouhani said on Wednesday that no superpower can harm national sovereignty and independence of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

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Wed 31 - December 2014 - 14:39

He made the remarks in a meeting with rank and file of the armed forces after inspecting the Navy hardware exhibit including Jamaran destroyer.
President Rouhani said we should be thankful to the founder of the Islamic Republic the late Imam Khomeini for the glorious national sovereignty and independence.
'We should pray to God to bestow peace upon souls of all the martyrs of the sacred defense US-backed Iraqi imposed war on Iran 1980-1988, especially the martyrs of the armed forces.'
Not only have the sanctions failed to reduce the power of Iran’s Armed Forces, but by encouraging reliance on domestic capacities, they have boosted those forces’ capabilities,president added.
“God willing, and through unity and solidarity among the people, government, and Armed Forces, Iran will make progress every day in every aspect and no superpower will be able to dent our authority and independence,” President Rouhani said.
“It is very important for us and Iranian nation that Armed Forces showed off their capability and power in defending the country against the enemies. The readiness that they display of themselves in such maneuvers deters the enemy forever from [harboring] any whim against and coveting the land of Iran,” Dr.Rouhani said.
President added, “If some think they can bring this nation to its knees by exercising pressure, lowering oil prices, and planning and executing different plots, they are seriously mistaken.”

news id: 83502

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