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President in a meeting with Iran’s ambassadors and diplomats:

Iranians abroad are national capitals

President Hassan Rouhani has said Iranians abroad are great capitals of the country and ambassadors should take advantage of their capabilities.

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Tue 16 - December 2014 - 18:51

In his Tuesday meeting with Iran’s ambassadors and diplomats, President Hassan Rouhani pointed to the country’s current position in the region as well as in the world, saying that “diplomats are representatives of Iranians in the world and should remain committed to their obligations toward their fellow compatriots.”
President Rouhani called on the ambassadors and diplomats to thwart Western media propaganda in distorting the realities of Iran’s society through reflecting a true image of Iranians and their society.
During their meeting with the president, Iranian envoys abroad provided Hassan Rouhani with their reports on details of their missions and proposals targeting advancement of government’s objectives in foreign policy.

news id: 83187

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