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President in a meeting with family of Martyrs Seyed Hassan and Seyed Mohammad Sani’khani:

Public cooperation would help government face sanctions

President Rouhani pointed to the history of his personal acquaintance with Seyed Mohammad Sani’ khani; “The most honorable martyr had a magnanimous spirit, always seeking to serve his country and nation,” Dr.Rouhani praised the martyr, extending his panegyrics to the families of other martyrs; “during the Sacred Defense, the enemy embarked on a war against our independence, glory and our honor, and the most pious families came to the fore to resist the onslaught, and they take pride on their altruistic career,” he added.

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Wed 10 - December 2014 - 21:15

President Hassan Rouhani visited family of Martyrs Seyed Hassan and Seyed Mohammad Sani’khani on Wednesday evening in Tehran’s Naziabad neighborhood. Both brothers were killed during the war with Iraq.
Dr.Rouhani also emphasized that people in cooperation with government should build the country anew; “the major objective of the Revolution was to implement the law of God on the earth, which undergirded the country’s movement to the future; that is, friendship, brotherhood, honesty and cooperation should provide us with enough means to serve the path of God,” Dr.Rouhani told the martyrs’ family. “Our folk have chosen us to serve them and to move in a track which might lead to advancement and betterment of the country; today, the feeling of empathy and shared sentiments have been restored among the masses,” said the president, adding that his and his government’s efforts focused on solving the most vexing problems of the nation.
“The enemy has resorted to many different ruses; now, this ruse is sanctions, which we should accept the gauntlet to successfully come out of the situation unscathed,” asserted the president, and believed it would not be possible unless the public cooperated; “the government would expect more good and benevolent wishes from martyrs’ families,” Dr.Rouhani noted.

news id: 83054

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